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How to select the right configuration of your CNC Router

As a new buyer, when we source a CNC Router before we buy it, we must be confused with the information of many machine models and many different configurations. The amount of information is so great, how should we make the right choice? Actually this matter is no difficult as long as we have a clear guide in our thoughts. 

Why we need a cnc router machine? Answer is that CNC Router is the solution for our jobs. So in order to get a right machine model with proper configuration, we need to know our jobs very well before we start to choose a CNC Router. First step is to choose router machine model according to the job details. (More details, please refer to article “how to choose a cnc router according to job”) A right machine model will optimize your production process, save cost and reduce the rate of fault.


After we selected one model type, second step we need to do is to choose a proper machine configuration which is ideal for our jobs. We can consider the configuration from two parts, electronic components and mechanical part. The main electronic components of router cnc include VFD spindle motor, VFD inverter, driving motor, driver and motion controller. Here is the details of them. 

1) Controller

Generally, there are three types of controller for CNC router. Remote type, motion card type and industrial computer type.  


Remote type is like Richauto DSP system and Weihong NK105G2/G3 controller. This type system run the machines directly, no need occupy one PC. Good for basic cnc wood routers and stone working cnc router


Motion card type has NC studio and Mach 3. They run the machine via a computer so they are superior to remote type on memory size. FYI, remote type controller has limit on memory size.

If the file size of jobs is always big, you’d better to choose this type controller. 


SYNTEC and NK system is industrial computer controller type. This type has all the advantage of the two types above, and can realize more machining capacity. So always equipped with high end CNC Router machines like cnc router atc , cnc foam router, 4 axis cnc router, 5 axis cnc router  

2) VFD spindle motor

From cooling way, spindle has two types: water cooled and air cooled.


Water cooling spindle is superior to air cooling spindle on cooling speed and cooling effect. Based on this feature, water cooling spindle can work for 12, 16 and even 24 hours without stop as long as operator replace new water at the right time; while air cooling spindle may have to take a rest after each 4 hours working. So water cooling spindle is good for jobs which take long time to finish like carving jobs and air cooling spindle is good for jobs which can finish in short time, like cutting jobs.


We can consider also from the weather features of work shop, air cooling spindle is better for country or area which is very cold, like Russia. While water cooing is better for area which is hot, like Africa. 


Water cooling spindle has lower noise than air cooling. If your government has serious control on production noise, please take this point into your consideration. 


Air cooled spindle is superior to water cooled on maintenance. When water cooling spindle run, we need to pay attention to spindle temperature or water status, we have to refresh the water when it’s over 60 degree or become dirty.


Water cooled spindle is good for materials like stone, aluminum, cooper, solid wood, MDF, plastic, acrylic and other non-metal materials. Air cooling spindle is good for materials like solid wood, MDF, plastic, acrylic and other non-metal materials. 


When choosing spindle power, we need to take these factors into consideration, material type, material hardness and request on working speed.  


3) Inverter

Inverter is to control the RPM of spindle. Normally, the RPM range can be from 6,000 to 18,000 or 24,000. Max. RPM is determined by the spindle load.

When we choose the inverter, what we only need to consider is the quality or brand of it. If possible, please choose a good one. A good inverter can protect spindle very well and make service life longer.  


4) Driving Motor

Driving motor has three types: stepping, hybrid servo and servo.

NEMA 34 stepping motor is the most common type used on basic cnc wood router tables. And this type has two models 450A and 450B. 450B is bigger on dimension than 450A. 450 B should match the driver like YAKO 2811; while 450A is always with Leadshine 860H.  450B stepper + YKA2811MA can offer max. travel speed of 35,000mm/min; while 450A + driver 860 offers max. travel speed of 15,000/min. So the main difference is the speed.   


Hybrid servo is a middle product between servo and stepper. Hybrid servo and stepper is the first choice for entry level wood cnc router machines.


Servo is more precise than stepper. Compared with stepper, it is more quiet, more powerful, run smoothly and will not lose step. It is the first choice for high end machines.    


5) Driver

We no need to consider servo driver and hybrid driver because it comes together with motor as a couple. While stepper driver has two brands which is widely used on best CNC wood router, YAKO and Leadshine.


The driver model must be matched with the stepping motor size. If we want a faster working speed, we can choose 450B motor combined with YAKO YKA2811MA driver; otherwise, take combination of 450A motor and 860 driver. 



Above we discussed the main electronic configuration of cnc router, please refer to article “what need to know before buy a cnc router” for cnc router mechanic configuration details.

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