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Weihong NK105G2 / G3 CNC Router DSP Controller Systems
Product Name:
Weihong NK105G2 / G3 CNC Router DSP Controller Systems
No. :
NK105G2-3 axis, NK105G2-multi cylinder, NK105G3-3 axis, NK105G3-linear tool change

Weihong NK105G2 / G3 is 3-axis CNC controller systems and it is one of the most popular CNC systems for CNC Routing machine. Another similar controller like Weihong NK105 is Richauto DSP A11 CNC systems
cnc router dsp nk105g2

We can provide full models of weihong DSP controller include weihong NK105G2 - 3 axis, weihong NK105G2 - multi cylinder, weihong NK105G3 - 3 axis, weihong NK105G3 - linear tool change and more. 

Full set Weihong NK105 G2 / G3 controller contains 3 parts:

1)  Handle / hand-held motion controller

2)  Mother card / control card

3)  USB communication cable 0.8m weihong nk105 cnc control systems

Features of CNC Router DSP Weihong NK105G2 / G3

1) It is a 3-axis motion controller for cnc router.

2) Separated Design Protect control parsing module to the largest extent.

3) Internal speed parameters are optimized, and problems like rag and chatter mark during machining are solved. Setting of short line speed-limit parameter effectively increases machining speed and precision. 

4) Support English and Chinese language.

5) Break point resume.

6) 128M RAM, 256M Flash memory.

7) Support 8 gears of spindle speed.

8) Format of toolpath program supported: *.g/*.nc/*.u??/*.demo/*.iso/*.eng/*.cut/*.dxf/*.plt/*.txt

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