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How to Choose a CNC Router According to The Jobs

There is no doubt cnc router is an amazing machine tool which can be applied to many solutions. And when you search information on internet, you will find hundreds of models and you may probably ask in your mind, which model is the right one for my work shops? Before you make your decision, you must have many steps need to walk through. You’ll check prices, types, configuration, accuracy, delivery time and many other aspects. This is not an easy task.


From so many points need to check, which one should be the first? The answer is choosing the cnc router type according to your jobs. This step will narrow your choice greatly and make you clear on what models can meet your production requirement. 

If the job is wooden door making, the suggested router type is basic cnc router or cnc router atc type.
wooden door jobs eagletec cnc router 

If the job is cabinet production, suggested router type is panel furniture cnc machining center or atc cnc router
cabinet eagletec cnc router 

If the job is European style furniture carving or relief engraving, suggested type is multi head cnc router or cnc router basic machine
european style furniture carving

If the job is wall art decorative panel, suggested machine type is cnc router basic type
wall art decorative eaglecnctec

If the job is wood model, lost foam and municipal sculpture, suggested router type is styrofoam cnc router.  
mould lost foam eagletec cnc router

If the job is Sign-making and acrylic letters, suggested cnc type is basic cnc router or cnc laser cutting machine
sign making eagletec cnc router

If the job is slatwall making, suggested cnc machine type is multi spindle cnc router or basic cnc router.  
slatwall eagletec cnc router

If the job is stone working, suggested machine type is granite engraving machine cnc router
stone carving eagletec cnc router 

If the job is jade carving, suggested machine type is gemstone jade carving machine.  
jade carving eagletec cnc router

If the job is metal sheet cutting, suggested machine type is cnc plasma cutting machine
metal cutting eagletec cnc router

If your job is not listing on above, please feel free to contact us for advice.  Our team is ready to be service of you. Enquiry now! 

                                                                                                  Original article from Jinan EagleTec CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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