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Richauto DSP RZNC - 0501 - HBBE / HBBC CNC Router Controller
Product Name:
Richauto DSP RZNC - 0501 - HBBE / HBBC CNC Router Controller
No. :
RZNC - 0501 - HBBE, RZNC - 0501 - HBBC

Brief: this product is Richauto DSP 0501 controller model RZNC-0501-HBBE/HBBC. The RZNC-0501-HBBE/HBBC is now replaced by Richauto-Auto Now-A11E/A11S because the product update. But there is still a demand for Richauto DSP RZNC-0501-HBBE/HBBC in the market, because the early machines are all equipped with it. It is always used on single head cnc router 4x8. Advantage of this cnc router controller is that it works independently and does not occupy computer source. While, if choose usb cnc controller Mach3 or NC studio controller PM53C, you need get a computer for it and use computer to operate the machine. 
richauto dsp rznc-0501-hbbe hbbc

Richauto DSP controller models provided for you: RZNC-0501-HBBE (English Keyboard Panel), RZNC-0501-HBBC (Chinese & English Keyboard Panel), Richauto-Auto Now-A11S, Richauto-Auto Now-A11E and more.

Full Set of Richauto DSP RZNC-0501-HBBE Consists Below Items:

Handheld Motion Controller – 1PC

Wiring Board – 1PC

50-Pin Data Cable – 1PC

USB Communication Cable – 1PC
richauto dsp rznc-0501-hbbe hbbc full set

Features of DSP 0501:

1) Richauto DSP RZNC-0501-HBBE/HBBC is a fully offline controller which works independently and need not occupy computer source to run the machine.

2) It can read the files on the U disk directly.

3) It has the function of pre check the program files, to prevent the writing or design errors of the files, and to prevent the material from being placed beyond the working size.

4) With good self diagnosis ability, can diagnose various input and output signals, improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance.

5) The Richauto DSP controller supports both Chinese and English display.

6) You can choose a specific line number as the starting point of processing.

7) Has function of re-carving after break point and power failure.

8) The acceleration and deceleration of the machining process is more stable, and the mechanical vibration is reduced effectively.

9) Support high subdivision, can ensure high precision, high speed machining.

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