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USB CNC Controller Mach3 Interface Board CNC Router Motion Card
Product Name:
USB CNC Controller Mach3 Interface Board CNC Router Motion Card
No. :
MK3, MK4, MK6

This product is usb cnc controller Mach3. Mach3 is a very popular cnc operation system in Western Europe and North America. The Mach3 system includes two parts, hardware and software. Hardware is usb cnc controller Mach3 which is consisted by mach3 interface board and USB data line. Hardware always come together with CNC router machine; While, mach3 software can be ordered from Mach3 website.
mach3 interface board 

Packing List of USB CNC Controller Mach3

Mach3 interface board - 1PC

USB data line -1PC

CD - 1PC

Manual book - 1PC
usb cnc controller mach3 full set

Mach3 controller models prepared for you: 3-Axis mach3 motion card (MK3), 4-Axis mach3 motion card (MK4), 6-Axis mach3 motion card (MK6)


Mach3 usb cnc controller is widely used on cnc router machines and cnc cutting machines.

USB CNC Controller Mach3 Features

1) Well compatible with all versions of Mach3 software based on Windows operation system

2) USB interface, plug and play

3) Support cnc tool length sensor and software limit

4) Fully support hot plug

5) Support wireless MPG interface, can directly connect wireless Mach3 MPG XHC HB04

6) 400Hz pulse output, support servo and stepper

7) Aluminum shell makes good shielding

8) With 16 input I/O port and 8 output I/O port

9) Product dimension 184x110x30mm

10) With status indicator light, all the status is clear and under control includes usb cable connection status, mach3 wiring status, and running status. 

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