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Origin RZNC 0501 DSP Controller
Product Name:
Origin RZNC 0501 DSP Controller
No. :
Origin RZNC-0501-HBBE

RZNC-0501 dsp controller wiring board is a part of Richauto RZNC-0501-HBBE DSP controller system. It is the unit which transfers signal for machine’s movement from the hand-held remote to machine axis. It is also known as interface board, mother card or wiring board.

RZNC-0501-HBBE is the old model of Richauto DSP system. Update model of 0501 is Richauto DSP Auto Now A11.   

rznc 0501 dsp controller

Gentle Reminder

For your information, if your router machine is coming with RZNC-0501-HBBE DSP controller, you’d better to get again 0501 model when you need replacement, simply because, the wiring of 0501 interface board is not the same as A11 board.

Full set of RZNC-0501-HBBE DSP controller and RZNC 0501 DSP controller software can be offered also. 

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