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RichAuto A18 DSP Controller for 4 Axis CNC Router
Product Name:
RichAuto A18 DSP Controller for 4 Axis CNC Router
No. :
RichAut- AutoNow-A18E (A18S)

Brief: The CNC router spare for sale here is RichAuto A18E A18S DSP controller, which is a popular 4 axis CNC Router controller. A18E and A18S is same model actually; the only difference between them is the language on keyboard, A18E is in English only while A18S in both English and Chinese.
richauto a18 dsp hand controller display

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Compared with NC Studio contoller, it has two advantages:

It controls machine motion independently, no need connection a PC.

RichAuto A18 DSP cost less than NC Studio.



RichAuto A18 DSP is always used on 4 axis cnc router and 4 axis rotary cnc machine. 


Quick Details

Applicable industry: wood working

Maximum simultaneous axis: 4

Display: Three-inch monochrome

I/O port: 8 input, 8 output

Full Set Packing List

RichAuto hand-held controller A18 – 1 Piece
richauto a18s hand-held controller photo


Wiring board (8 input 8 output) – 1 Piece

50-pin communication cable – 1 Piece (for connection between hand-held controller and wiring board)

USB data cale – 1 Piece (for connection between hand-held controller and PC)

richauto a18 dsp controller nameplate  

RichAuto Auto Now A18 DSP Controller Features:

It is a 4-axis simultaneous CNC controller, real 4 axis motion control.

The rotary axis can be freely defined with A, B or C.

The 4th axis can be a normal axis or a rotary axis.

8 input and 8 output I/O interface board.
Support 9 workpiece coordinate, 8 breakpoints save.

Support both mobile and fixed tool calibration; can set up calibration position and speed, etc.

Manual high and low speed switching, fine adjustment, distance and other functions.

Support XYZ axis driver, inverter, emergency stop, hard limit alarm functions.

Breakpoint memory and power-down memory.

Support array, milling plane, zoom, line selection, automatic division special function requirements.

Stop status and position setup.  

Technical Parameter

Model. No.

RichAuto A18






3-inch monochrome

Communication interface


Simultaneous axis



stepper and servo



Power failure protection


Breakpoint memory


Working power

DC 24V

Manual Mode

Continuous, step, distance

Interpolation method

Line, arc, spline

Soft / hard limit


Maximum pulse frequency


Password setup


System language

English and Chinese

Video of RichAuto A18 DSP 

 If you like this controller, please inquire now.