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Flexible Coolant Nozzles Ring for CNC Router Good For Aluminum Milling
Product Name:
Flexible Coolant Nozzles Ring for CNC Router Good For Aluminum Milling
No. :
Fit for spindle with diameter 80mm, 85mm, 100mm, 105mm, 125mm, 140mm

Brief: this item on sale here is EagleTec flexible coolant nozzles ring for cnc router, cnc engraving and milling machine, cnc machining center. Compared to conventional nozzles, it has the advantages of large flow rate and good cooling effect.

What size of spindle does it fit for?

Spindle diameter 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 100mm, 105mm, 125mm, 140mm. 


What size of water hose does it fit for?

Fit for water hose with 8mm and 10mm outer diameter. 

Do you have trouble with the cooling effect of the milling tool?

When the cnc router spindle is running at high speed, the milling tool will heat up at an extremely high speed. If the tool is not cooled properly, it will not only damage the cutter, but also affect the engraving precision and finished surface of the workpiece. 

As solution, you have a better choice now, it is the latest adjustable coolant nozzles ring from EagleTec. 
conventional nozzles VS coolant nozzles ring

Ordinary Coolant Nozzle And EagleTec Coolant Nozzles Ring Comparison

Ordinary type:  

Inconvenient to fix.

Single water nozzle, spray flow is small.

EagleTec coolant nozzles ring:

Directly fastened to the spindle.

Six water nozzles have large water spray flow at the same time.

Long service life.

flexible coolant nozzles ring features

Product Features: 

With six universal adjustment tubes. When the water spray ring is working, the six nozzles spray a large flow of water at the same time, and the universal tube can be bent at will.


Aluminum material does not rust. A selection of aluminum, no rust, anti-oxidation, long service life.


The spindle is fixed firmly. Equipped with an elastic adjustment knob, it can adjust the tightness of the spindle fixture and facilitate assembly and disassembly.


There is a waterproof rubber pad between the nozzle ring interlayer to prevent water from flowing out of the interlayer.

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