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Best 5.5kw Electrospindle Water Cooled Special for Stone Working and Light Metal 24000RPM
Product Name:
Best 5.5kw Electrospindle Water Cooled Special for Stone Working and Light Metal 24000RPM
No. :
5.5KW ER25 380V/220V 125MM Water Cooled GDK125-18-24Z/5.5 WH125

Brief: this item for sale here is 5.5kw high speed stone working electrospindle. The spindle shape seems a bullet head. It is the best spindle motor specially built for for stone, aluminum and copper machining purpose. If you are working on those materials, a stone cnc router with stone working electrospindle is the best solution.  
electrospindle 5.5kw er25 good for stone and metal working

What difference does this water cooled electrospindle have when compared with ordinary woodworking router spindle motors

To answer this question, let's take a look at the difference between stone processing and wood machining first.

From the raw material hardness, stone is much harder than wood.

Stone and metal need to be machining with water shower; while wood no need. The water recycle system spray water on router cutters and table for two purpose mainly: cooling the cutters and reducing the dust. 

Obviously, a woodworking spindle is very difficult for stone or light metal processing tasks. That’s why a special spindle motor is needed for this purpose. Here is the answer for previous question.  

1) This cnc electrospindle is longer in size than wood using ones. To machining stone, aluminum or brass, it should have bigger torque. Torque is determined by the electric current of spindle; under the same voltage, the bigger the output current is, the bigger the output torque is. How to increase the electric current? All the spindle manufacturers make this way: increasing the length or diameter of the stator.

This item adopts 4 pieces P4 precision grade ceramic ball bearing to suitable for hard materials machining. Because compared with metal balls, ceramic balls are more wearable and less prone to heat. The woodworking electric spindle generally have 3 pieces metal ball bearings. In most case, spindle bearing determines the service life of spindle.

This electrospindle motor is prior to woodworking ones on performance of seal and water proof. In addition, the bullet head design in front has the excellent water throwing characters.
electrospindle 5.5kw with bullet shape design for stone working

Stone and Metal Engraving Electrospindle Technical Parameters

Model number: WH125 / GDK125-18-24Z/5.5 / GDZ-125-5.5

Spindle diameter: 125mm

Rated working voltage: 380V or 220V

Collet size: ER25

Rated power: 5.5kw

RPM range: 0 ~ 24000

Frequency: 400Hz

Electric current: 15A

Acceptable cutter shank: 3.175mm ~ 16mm

Cooling mode: water or liquid

Maintenance: water need to be fresh regularly during machining process

Net weight: 24KGS

Application: for cnc granite router using only

Complete set of 5.5kw ER25 electrospindle contains:

Spindle motor 1 PC

Spanner 1 PC

Wiring connector 1 PC

Collet 1 PC
full set 5.5kw er25 stone metal working electrospindle


125mm 5.5kw ER25 Electrospindle Packing Details Suitable for Air Shipment

The electospindle is fully covered by Styrofoam case first, and then put in a carton, the carton finally sealed by waterproof file and adhesive tape. Please refer to the photo below:
125mm 5.5kw er25 electrospindle packing details suitable for air shipment 

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To better understand this electrospindle, please watch the small movie below.