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Inverter HL3000-2037-T HL3000-4037-T HL3000-4055-T
Product Name:
Inverter HL3000-2037-T HL3000-4037-T HL3000-4055-T
No. :
HL3000-2022-T, HL3000-4022-T, HL3000-2030-T, HL3000-4030-T, HL3000-2037-T, HL3000-4037-T, HL3000-2040-T, HL3000-4040-T, HL3000-4055-T

Brief: this item for sale here is spindle drive (inverter) HL3000-2037-T. It is a popular inverter brand in China. It can be always seen on various woodworking cnc routers or cnc wood turning machines as the drive of electrospindle.
spindle drive HL3000-2037-T full set with operation manual

Model Number Explanation

In the model number, HL3000 refers to the inverter series; figure 20 refers to input voltage is 220V; figure 37 refers to motor capacity is 3.7kw maximum; letter T refers to the scope of application.

Technical Parameter of HL3000-2037-T Inverter

Model. HL3000-2037-T

Input: 2PH 220V 50/60Hz

Output: 3PH 0~220V

Capacity: 3.7KW, 18A
spindle drive model HL3000-2037-T nameplate 

EagleTec provides full models of HL3000 inverters, they include: 

2.2KW capacity: HL3000-2022-T, HL3000-4022-T

3.0KW capacity: HL3000-2030-T, HL3000-4030-T

3.7KW capacity: HL3000-2037-T, HL3000-4037-T

4.0KW capacity: HL3000-2040-T, HL3000-4040-T

5.5KW capacity: HL3000-4055-T

Do not know how to hook up HL3000 inverter? 
Please read this post - tutorials to hook up Rituo VFD on your cnc router

How to program or set up HL3000 inverter spindle drive?

As a user, this doesn't have to worry at all. All converters have been set up before delivery from the factory, which can match 80% of the spindle on the market. So, in most cases, users can use it directly after they got it. If have to do setup due to some reason, detailed tutorials (step by step) will be provided to you from us. With the instruction, you can handle it easily.

EagleTec does not only sell cnc router parts, but also provides technical support for them. So buying from us, you also get the technical support guarantee at the same time.

Please watch the video below to understand it better. 

EagleTec is committed to one-stop shopping on all cnc parts replacement. 

About payment term: more options for you include Bank Transfer, Western Union, and PayPal.

Concerning delivery time: delivery within 24 hours since receipt of payment.

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