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YASKAWA SGDV-120A01A Servo Driver for 1.5kw Yaskawa Servo Motor
Product Name:
YASKAWA SGDV-120A01A Servo Driver for 1.5kw Yaskawa Servo Motor
No. :
Brand: YASKAWA SGDV-120A01A (1.5KW capacity) / SGDV-7R6A01 (1.0KW capacity)

Brief: this goods for sale here is YASKAWA servo driver model.SGDV-120A01A, it is the supporting product of Yaskawa servo motor 1.3kw. It is popular product often used on nest based cnc router machines.
yaskawa sgdv-120a01a 1.5kw servo driver pack for sale

Yaskawa SGDV-120A01A Specification

Model. SGDV-120A01A002000

Input: 3PH 200-230V 50/60Hz 7.3A

Control Power Input: 1PH 0-230V 50/60Hz 0.25A

Output: 3PH 0-230V 0-400Hz 11.6A 1.5KW

Rated Output Current: 11.6A

Working Surrounding: 0-55

Control Method: full-wave rectification IGBT PWN control, sine-wave driven

Besides servo driver, we also provides servo motor Yaskawa and encoder cable assembly

Yaskawa servo driver debugging window

Yaskawa servo driver models available from us

SGDV-7R6A01 (Applicable servomotor Max.Capacity-1KW)

SGDV-120A01 (Applicable servomotor Max.Capacity-1.5KW)

SGDV-180A01 (Applicable servomotor Max.Capacity-2.0KW)

SGDV-2R8A01 (Applicable servomotor Max.Capacity-400W)

SGDV-3R8A01 (Applicable servomotor Max.Capacity-500W)

SGDV-5R5A01 (Applicable servomotor Max.Capacity-750W)

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