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YASKAWA Servo Motor 850W 1300W SGMGV-09ADC61 09ADC6C/13ADC61
Product Name:
YASKAWA Servo Motor 850W 1300W SGMGV-09ADC61 09ADC6C/13ADC61
No. :
SGMGV-09ADC61(850w), SGMGV-09ADC6C(850w), SGMGV-13ADC61(1300w)

Yaskawa servo motor SGMGV series is medium inertia, which are widely used on cnc router machines as driving system. Compared with step motor, yaskawa servo motor has advantage of fast, quiet and high precision. 
yaskawa servo motor sgmgv series 850w 1300w

Models provided: SGMGV-09ADC61(850W), SGMGV-09ADC6C(850W), SGMGV-13ADC61(1.3KW), SGMGV-20ADC61(1.8KW), SGMGV-03A(300W), SGMGV-05A(450W), SGMGV-30A(2.9KW), SGMGV-44A(4.4KW), SGMGV-55A(5.5KW), SGMGV-75A(7.5KW)

yaskawa servomotor models explanation

Available power: 850w, 1300w, 1800w

Two types: with holding brake or without


Yaskawa Servo motor with holding brake is always used on Z axis of cnc wood router machine. It’s purpose is to prevent Z-axis from dropping after machine power off. While the servo motor without holding brake does not have this function.

Yaskawa Servo Motor SGMGV Series Features:

1) Compact design: Smaller package and about 20% lighter, but with the same moment of inertia ratio as the conventional model. A small encoder connector is applied.

2) Improved vibration resistance: New coupling delivers typical 5G vibration resistance.

3) Medium Inertia

4) 20-Bit High Resolution Serial Encoder

5) Max Speed: 3000 RPM

6) Improved 5G Vibration Tolerance

7) Enclosure: IP67 (excluding shaft)

8) 200V and 400V

9) Acceleration and deceleration is better than stepping drive.

Besides servo motor, we also supply yaskawa servo cables, yaskawa servo connector and plug. 
yaskawa servo connector and plug

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