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YASKAWA Servo Encoder Cables Assembly SGMGV-09ADC61 Pack SGDV-7R6A01A
Product Name:
YASKAWA Servo Encoder Cables Assembly SGMGV-09ADC61 Pack SGDV-7R6A01A
No. :
Equipped for YASKAWA SGMGV-09ADC61, Servo Pack SGDV-7R6A01A

The product is YASKAWA servo motor SGMGV-09ADC61 and servo pack SGDV-7R6A01A encoder cables assembly line with connectors. This cable is connected from servo motor to servo pack for purpose of encoder signal feedback. Yaskawa is one of the most popular servo brands which is used on cnc router. Yaskawa servo motor SGMGV-09ADC61(matched servo pack is SGDV-7R6A01A) is one very common servo system used on various cnc router
machines and mostly on automatic tool changer cnc router, multiple-spindle cnc router, 4-axis cnc router, 5 axis cnc router, and cnc foam router. As you know, the biggest difference between servo and stepping is that the servo system is closed loop control; there is encoder module on servo motor, and the encoder transmits feedback data to servo pack in real time, thus forming closed loop control. The encoder sends feedback data to the servo pack side via the encoder cable which is connecting the encoder to servo pack. Encoder cable is a combination of high flexible shielding cable and encoder connectors. Our encoder cable is completely finished assembly by experienced technician and you can use it directly to your machine when you receive it. 
Here is a full view photo show of this product: 


1. This encoder cables assembly matches to YASKAWA servo motor SGMGV-09ADC61 and servo pack SGDV-7R6A01A.

2. The encoder cable finished assembly already, you can use it directly when you receive it and no need to do any wiring works. Just plug and play.

3. Cable adopts high flexible shielding cable which is long service life and strong anti-interference performance.

4. Encoder connectors are origin ones which match yaskawa servo motor and servo pack very well.

5. The yaskawa servo encoder cables assembly line with connectors can be customized as per your requirement. Just tell us servo model and how many meter of cable length you need, the right complete encoder cables will be provided to you.


Available modes of yaskawa encoder cables: SGMGV09ADC61, SGMGV09ADC6C, SGMGV13ADC61 and more.
yaskawa servo SGMGV-09ADC61 encoder cables 
Besides yaskawa servo cables, we also suppy yaskawa servo motor, yaskawa servo driver, yaskawa servo connector and plug. 

Kind reminder:

Before you order the encoder cables, please tell us the brand, series and specifications of the servo motors you are using. Because whether the servo encoder cable can match your motor or not, it depends on the encoder connector. And different brand or different series of servo, their encoder connector may be different. So, in order to make sure that offer you right product, please inform these details. Please also inform us your requirement on the cable length.
yaskawa servo SGMGV-09ADC61 and pack SGDV-7R6A01A encoder cable connectors 

Full range of servo encoder cables assembly can be provide to you from us. Payment can be made by Western Union or Paypal.

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