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Leadshine M542 Microstep Driver CNC Stepper Motor Driver
Product Name:
Leadshine M542 Microstep Driver CNC Stepper Motor Driver
No. :
Leadshine DM542

This product is leadshine M542 microstep driver. M542 is the model number. It is suitable for driving NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 series stepper motors. Leadshine M542 stepper motor driver adopts latest 32 bit DSP technology, with excellent medium and low speed performance can meet the needs of most small and medium size equipment. Using the built-in micro fractionization technology, M542 microstep driver can also achieve high subdivision effect even under the low subdivision condition. The low and medium speed operation is smooth and the noise is very small. With the self tuning function, Leadshine M542 microstep driver can automatically generate the optimal operating parameters for different stepper motors and maximize the performance of the motor.
leadshine m542 microstep driver picture

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Leadshine M542 microstep drivers can drive bipolar stepper motors with 4 wires or 8 wires.

Input voltage range is from 18 to 48V DC.

Maximum output current is 4.2A.

Subdivision range is from 400 to 25600PPR.

Signal input support these modes: differential / single end, pulse / direction or double pulse, 5~24V DC level compatibility.

Pulse response frequency is 200KHz.

Leadshine M542 stepper motor drivers have built-in micro.

Self tuning function after power on.

Accurate current control reduces the heat of the motor greatly.

The current is reduced 50% automatically when stepper motor static.

Light isolation signal input, strong anti-interference ability

With function of over voltage and over current protection
leadshine m542 stepper motor driver picture


M542 leadshine microstep driver is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized automation equipment and instruments, such as laser cutting and engraving machine, cnc router equipment, medical equipment, measuring equipment, electronic processing equipment, textile and garment equipment.

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