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Delta Servo Motor 750W Model ECMA-C20807RS/SS
Product Name:
Delta Servo Motor 750W Model ECMA-C20807RS/SS
No. :
Delta ECMA-C20807RS, Delta ECMA-C20807SS, ECMA-E21320PS

This product is Delta servo motor model. ECMA-C20807RS, which is widely used on panel furniture nesting cnc router wood cutter and linear atc cnc router as the motion drive system. Delta servo motor is prior to stepper motor on performance of speed, noise and precision. In other words, Delta servo is fast, quite and high precision.

If you are looking for Japan servo, please click yaskawa servo motor SGMGV series
delta servo motor ECMA-C20807RS
delta servo motor ECMA-C20807RS nameplate

Besides ECMA-C20807RS, EagleTec also provides these models: ECMA-C20807SS, ECMA-E21320PS, ECMA-C10807RS, ECMA-C10807PS, ECMA-C20807PS, ECMA-CM0807PS, ECMA-G11306RS, ECMA-G11306PS, ECMA-G21306RS, ECMA-G21306PS, ECMA-GM1306PS, ECMA-C10907RS, ECMA-C10907PS, ECMA-C20907RS, ECMA-C20907PS
delta servo motor ecma series model explanation

Available Power: 400W, 750W, 1KW, 1.5KW, 2KW

Two Types: with holding brake or without


Delta Servo motor with holding brake is always used on Z axis of cnc wood router machine. It’s purpose is to prevent Z-axis from dropping after machine power off. While the servo motor without holding brake does not have this function.


Delta Servo Motor ECMA-C20807RS Features:

1. Input: 110V 5.1A

2. Output: 3000r/min

3. Torque: 2.39N.m

4. Power: 0.75KW


Besides Delta servo motor, we also supply Delta servo drive and full set Delta servo including motor and drive.
full set delta servo drive including motor and driver 

To see more photos of this product, please check the video below. 

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