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CNC Router Gear Box Assembly Kit With Full Accessories
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CNC Router Gear Box Assembly Kit With Full Accessories
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Straight Teeth & Helical Teeth

Latest cnc router gear box, compared with the old type cnc router pinion case, the precision is improved, and the speed is faster than before; the whole process of manufacture is by machine; unlike the old type, whose holes are drilled by man hand. Most important, new type gear box makes belt changing more convenient. The new type cnc router gear box adopts an integrated die casting structure; while the old one is a two side stitching structure. 

cnc router gear box

Features of New Type CNC Router Gear Box

1. Through the technology improvement, the gear box precision is improved.

2. Better transmission performance, more durable service life.

3. Use it directly without spending time on installing it yourself.



The gear box here is suitable for the cnc router machine with rack and pinion drive.

This is complete assembly kit with full accessories, which means that gear box already assembly finished and can be used directly on your cnc router machine when you take it back.



The gear pinion case for cnc router has two types, straight teeth and helical teeth; Helical type is divided into several kinds according to the modulus, there are 1.25 module, 1.5 module, and 2 module; According to the direction of the spiral, the helical gear has left screw and right screw type. In order to ensure that you get the right model, please inform us the detailed specifications of your pinion before ordering. This information includes straight or helical teeth, modulus, left or right screw, and the number of tooth.
helical teeth straight teech gear box for cnc 

Detailed Dimensions

Please refer to the following drawing to confirm the size of the mounting holes on the gear is the same with the existing gear boxes in your hand.

cnc router gear box dimension detail

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