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CNC Router Timing Belt 110XL 220XL HTD550 285 300 310 280-5M
Product Name:
CNC Router Timing Belt 110XL 220XL HTD550 285 300 310 280-5M
No. :
220XL, 110XL, HTD180-5M, HTD225-5M, HTD280-5M, HTD285-5M, HTD300-5M, HTD310-5M, HTD330-5M, HTD360-5M, HTD400-5M, HTD460-5M, HTD475-5M, HTD530-5M, HTD550-5M, HTD560-5M, HTD575-5M, HTD580-5M, HTD585-5M

CNC router timing belt refers to flexible belt which is made of rubber with teeth moulded onto its inner surface. It is used to connect motor and gear or ballscrew of cnc router machines

cnc router timing belt

CNC Router Timing Belt Models Provided For You:

220XL, 110XL, HTD180-5M(10mm width), HTD225-5M(10mm width), HTD280-5M, HTD285-5M, HTD300-5M, HTD310-5M, HTD330-5M(14.5mm width), HTD360-5M(18mm width), HTD400-5M(20mm width), HTD460-5M(18mm width), HTD475-5M(30mm width), HTD530-5M(13.2mm width), HTD550-5M(10mm width), HTD550-5M(11mm width), HTD550-5M(13mm width), HTD560-5M(13mm width), HTD575-5M(13mm width), HTD580-5M(18mm width), HTD585-5M(18mm width)

cnc router timing belt model 220xl

Reminder: when you place the order, please clear for us the timing belt model as well as the belt width.

CNC Router Timing Belt Features:

1) High efficiency factor and Extreme tensile strength

2) Extraordinarily resistance on cold & and ozone

3) Excellent aging-resistance and abrasion-resistance

4) Slip-free transmission and low noise

CNC Router Timing Belt Dimension Diagram

cnc router timing belt dimension diagram

dimension diagram of timing belt for cnc router

Kindly Tips:

For CNC Router, timing belt is one of the wearing parts. To avoid your production stop, you are suggested to get one piece in stock for each axis at least.  


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