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HSD Spindle Bearing Kit High Speed GMN Bearing
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HSD Spindle Bearing Kit High Speed GMN Bearing
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Bearing for HSD spindle (GMN & NSK)

HSD spindle bearings are an important part of the HSD spindle. Compared with the spindle motor, spindle bearings are more likely to suffer damage. So using the highest grade high speed bearing is the best solution for prolong the service life of spindle motor. This is also what HSD spindle did exactly. Most of the HSD spindle problems are from the spindle bearing part. What should we do when our HSD spindle bearings broken? The best solution, of course, is to send the spindle back to the HSD plant for repair, because the manufacturer is the most professional in this field. But for many foreign friends, this way does not work. Because the distance is so far, the high shipping costs can buy a new spindle. In this case, we recommend customers to buy HSD spindle high-speed bearings, and then find maintenance place in the local to repair. It saves time and money for you. Here is a friendly reminder from us, after finish the replacement of new bearings, please must do dynamic balancing test for it; otherwise, the new bearings will be broken shortly.

The hsd spindle bearings EagleTec provides are origin bearings imported from abroad, which are fully match to the HSD spindle. They are the same bearings with the ones in your HSD spindle.

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A full set of bearings for HSD spindle generally consists of 3 or 4 pieces according to different HSD spindle model. Three pieces bearing set include one small NSK bearing and two big GMN bearings; four pieces bearing set include two small NSK bearings and two big GMN bearings. All them are high-speed (30000RPM) and full sealing. 
full set bearing replacement kit for hsd spindle contains 3 pieces
bearings for hsd spindle

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