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What Causes The CNC Router Spindle Bearing Broken?| Daily Maintenance

The electric spindle is one of the most important parts of the cnc router machine. Bearings and motors are the two most important parts of the electric spindle. According to our past experience, the motor is not easy to damage, and the first major reason caused spindle stop is from its bearing. So, bearing quality determines the spindle quality. This is also the main difference between a good spindle and a common spindle. Here is the question. What would cause damage to spindle bearing? How to take care of it in operation? EagleCNC is a experienced china cnc manufacturer of cnc router, fiber laser marking machine, cnc plasma cutter and router bits.

high speed precise bearing inside spindle

1) Electric spindle is using a set of poor quality bearing. And the life of this bearing will be reduced largely when spindle runs at a high RPM. That’s why it is easy to get broken. At present, the price of electric spindle on the market is largely different. It is possible that some spindle products with low price is using the bearing like this. Once you purchase this spindle, you will find that the purchase cost is relatively low, but the cost to use it is particularly high.


2) Water cooling system isn’t working well. Water cooling spindle is cooled via water circle system. If water cooling system not in good status or we forget to turn on it, there will be hot effect and further results in friction increased. Big friction causes damage to bearing. After the spindle begins to work, the first thing is to check the water circulation is working well. We have to take care of this step during machining operation.


3) Incorrect operation. Some operator make machine start cutting before the spindle RMP reach the max value; some operator doesn’t set proper speed according to different materials. All these factors will damage the bearing.


4) In winter or in some areas where the temperature is very cold, it is necessary to take proper action to prevent the water cooling spindle from freezing. It is very common the water hose damage because the water freezing. In this case, we suggest operator to use anti-freeze fluid instead of water. 

Generally speaking, the electric spindle will not have problem if we can take care the four points here. All above is our personal opinion, please contact us freely if you have different idea.

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