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Small Laser Marking Machine with CO2 RF Tube 10W
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Small Laser Marking Machine with CO2 RF Tube 10W
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EagleTec small laser marking machine adopts smart desktop design. Instead of up and down working table, it is with a smart two dimensional work platform. The feature of this design is space saving and small footprint. About laser source, this small laser marking machine comes with a 10 watt CO2 RF tube laser source. This marking machine is ideal for marking, cutting or engraving on nonmetallic materials.  

small laser marking machine

Applicable Materials

This laser marker machine is ideal for nonmetallic materials like leather, cloth, wood, density board, dual-color plate, glass, crystal, organic glass, plastics, acrylic, stone and jade. 


Main Configuration

1. Smart desktop design with two dimensional work platform

2. 10W CO2 RF tube

3. 110x110mm working size

4. Computer with English language operation system included


Optional Configuration of small marking machine

1. 30W CO2 power source

2. 200x200mm working size 

3. Up and down working table can be an option for you, to learn more, please check part marking machines with up and down working table. 


Technical Parameter

Model Number | ET-RF10S

Laser Source | 10W CO2 RF tube

Working Area | 110x110mm

Maximum Marking Speed | 7,000mm/sec

Cooling Way | Water cooling

Power Supply | 220V, 50Hz