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CO2 RF 10W Laser Part Marking Machine With Up And Down Table
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CO2 RF 10W Laser Part Marking Machine With Up And Down Table
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CNC Laser marking machine is mainly used for marking on parts, so it has another name of part marking machine. This marker machine ET-RF10D is equipped with a manual up-and-down working platform, which increases the flexibility of the working capacity. The laser power source adopts the CO2 type RF metal laser tube and power is 10 watt. The laser tube is designed with a unique, fully enclosed cavity structure that prevents dust from coming in the laser cavity and reduces the rate of equipment failure. Origin version controller is supporting Win 7 – 64 bit operation system. The foot switch is designed to make the machine particularly convenient for marking serial numbers on parts or components. 

co2 laser marking machine with up and down table

Applicable Materials

CO2 laser part marking machine ET-RF10D is ideal for marking on nonmetal materials like cloth, paper, plastics, acrylic, leather, wood, stone, glass, crystal, MDF, dual-color board, organic glass, jade, agate, and more.

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Main Configuration of RF 10W laser marker

1. CO2 RF metal tube 10W (RF means radio-frequency )

2. 110x110mm marking size

3. Origin version controller brand JCZ

4. Manual up and down working platform

5. Foot switch

6. High speed galvanometer

laser part marking machine

Optional Configuration

1. Marking size 200x200mm

2. RF metal tube 30 watt

3. Air cleaner

4. Rotary attachment

5. The laser source CO2 glass tube can be replaced by CO2 radio frequency metal tube, please refer to marking laser machines with glass tube for more details. 

6. If the up and down working platform cancelled, this machine can be built as a smart design. Please browse CO2 laser marker with smart design to learn more. 


Technical Parameter of RF 10W marking machine

Model No. | ET-RF10D

Laser Source | 10W, radio-frequency metal tube

Laser Wave Length | 1064nm

Marking Area | 110x110mm

Cooling Way | Air cooling

Max. Linear Marking Speed | 7,000mm/sec

Power Supply | 220V, 50Hz