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Desktop Dot Peen Pneumatic CNC Marking Machine
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Desktop Dot Peen Pneumatic CNC Marking Machine
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As a popular model of dot peen marking machine, EagleTec-P9015D is widely used in below fields:

1. Marking serial number, name, trademark and production date on engine, piston, carframe, chassis, connecting rod, cylinder and other parts of auto and motorcycle.

2. Printing frame number on electric bicycle, bicycle and motorcycle.

3. Engraving nameplate of various goods, vehicle and equipment.

4. Metal marking on various mechanical parts, machine tools, metal products, metal pipes, gears, pumps, valves, fasteners, steel, instrumentation and electrical and mechanical equipment.

dot peen marking sample

How does a dot peen marking machine work? Please see the video here. Or you can see the video via the URL

dot peen marking

Main Configuration

1. 90x150mm marking size

2. Nameplate clamp set

3. Taiwan linear guide

4. ThorX6 marking software

desktop dot peen marking machine

Optional Configuration

1. Desktop dot peen marking machine can be built with 90x180mm marking size also.

2. Rotary axis can be equipped with this dot peen marker as per your production requirement. For your information, rotary axis adopts removable design. With it, you can do marking jobs on round shape work piece like steel pipes; removing it, the machine is a standard dot peen marking machine.


Rotary Marking video URL:

3. Dot peen pneumatic marking machine can be built as portable style also, please click to learn more details: portable dot peen marking machine

Technical Parameter

Model Number | ET-P9015D

Marking Range | 90x150mm

Marking Speed | 1 – 180 characters /s

Marking Content | number, character, symbols, graphic, letters and more

Power Consumption | 300W

Air Pressure Rate | 0.3 – 0.8Mpa

Frequency | 300Hz


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