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Portable Dot Peen CNC Marking Machine
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Portable Dot Peen CNC Marking Machine
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How much is one portable dot peen marking machine cost? The price is U.S. dollars 1050 per set. Here the price is a rough one for your reference. Exact price should be offer to you based on the configuration details you requested. Portable dot peen cnc marking machine ET-P9015P is equipped with a light machine head, which is ideal for movement marking. It can mark all types of characters and graphics on big size work piece which is made of various materials.  Two-dimensional worktable is casted with precision die and adopts linear rolling guide, self sealing and self-lubricating bearing. This is a reliable working table. Control software is compatible with windows operating system, which has function of serial number auto marking. 

Portable dot peen pneumatic marking machine


Portable dot peen marking machine is ideal for marking on carframe, nameplate, big size work piece and work piece which is difficult to move.


Marking Video URL

dot peen marking sample

Main Configuration

1. Control software is ThorX6

2. More option on marking size: 90x150mm, 90x180mm, 40x120mm and 25x70mm
Pneumatic CNC marking machine can be built in desktop design also, please visit to learn more: desktop pneumatic cnc marking machine


Technical Parameter

Model No. | ET-P9015P

Machine Type | Dot peen CNC marking machine

Power | 300W (solenoid included)

Marking Range | 90x150mm

Marking Depth | 0 – 0.8mm (depending on the material)

Marking Mode | Pneumatic Printing

Marking Speed | 5 – 120 characters /min

Marking Types | Numbers, Letters, Symbols

Weight | 20KG include solenoid

Working Humidity | 0-90% non-condensing

Air Pressure | 0.3 – 0.7Mpa