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CNC Foam Milling Machine for Mould and Die Milling
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CNC Foam Milling Machine for Mould and Die Milling
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It is the trend to use CNC foam milling machine instead of man’s hand nowadays in casting field. In order to meet the requirements of mould pattern manufacturing, foam milling machine is designed with high Z axis and big X Y axis. Simply because that, the block is always very big. Furthermore, compared with wood router, CNC foam milling machine has stronger mechanic inflexibility and higher electronic performance. 
cnc foam milling machine

Applicable Materials

Styrofoam, Foam, PS, EPS, HDPE, Solid Wood, Epoxy Tooling board, Aluminum


Mould industry: casting mold, train, ship yacht, wind power, aerospace chemical industry, rail transport, air conditioner mould, auto mould, bumper mold, car dashboard mold 
mould pattern milling sample by milling machine

Main Feature

1) Cast iron high precision machining table, which is heavier and smaller deformation than steel table. Furthermore, it makes machine more smoothly running. 

2) Body construction is adopt thick wall steel tube; Beam and support legs are internally ribbed in order to stiffen the assembly; processed by tempering to reduce residual stress. 

3) Four-row imported ball bearing, widening linear guide rail, self-lubricating sliding block. When engraving, equal force in all directions, to ensure the accuracy and strength.

4) All the foundational plane is milled by the 5 axis gantry machining center from our factory; make sure the good accuracy from beginning. 

5) The linear guide and rack is detected by horizontal detector, to ensure long-term stability of the foam milling machine. Laser interferometer path revises the machining accuracy. 

6) The Z-axis has a dual pneumatic counter-balance cylinder to allow very fast and accurate Z-axis positioning.  

7) Dust-proof design on X an Y, ensure that the linear guide and rack is clean.

8) Air conditioner on electronic cabinet regulates the temperature inside, maintain the stability of electronic components and extend their life-time.

9) France MOTOVARIO high torque helical planetary gear ensures stable operation with high torque output.

10) Origin grinding grade ballscrew from Taiwan with unique sealing, long service life, high precision.

11) Similar machines with different machining size are available also, they are 2540 gantry type milling machine, 2030 cnc foam milling machine and 1325 styrofoam cnc router

Technical Parameter

XYZ Working Size: 3000×5000×1200mm

Table Type: Full cast iron 

Spindle: 7.5kw ATC spindle, BT40 tool holder, spindle speed range 6000-12000 rpm/ min

Diameter Range of Cutter: φ3.175-φ32mm

Drive System: YASKAWA AC servo motor and servo pack

Linear Guide: Origin Taiwan HIWIN 35mm square rails

Transmission: France Motovario reducer for all axes; X and Y axes adopt hardened helical rack and pinion transmission; Z axis high precision grinding grade ball screw.

Controller: Taiwan Syntec, separate keyboard and color LCD screen

Power Supply: AC 380V/50-60Hz, 3Ph 4 Wire

Net Weight: 13,000KGS

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