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Styrofoam CNC Router Machine for Foundry
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Styrofoam CNC Router Machine for Foundry
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Styrofoam CNC router model. EA-S1325C is designed for purpose of small size mould making. It can be used to produce wood pattern, foam mould and other non-metal material moulds. XYZ working size is 1300×2500×600mm. If your job is less than this size, then EA-S1325C is the right machine for you. In casting field, it is the trend to use Styrofoam CNC router instead of man’s hand. With a small invest, you will own it.
Styrofoam cnc router

Applicable Materials

Styrofoam, EPS, HDPE, Solid Wood, Epoxy Tooling board


Wood mould, Foam mould

Main Features

1) Four-row imported ball bearing, widening linear guide rail, self-lubricating sliding block. When engraving, equal force in all directions, to ensure the accuracy and strength.

2) Z axis can be heightened to 1,000 mm, suitable for large-scale material 3D curve working.

3) Intelligent processing cross-border protection function can prevent mechanical impact caused by the improper design documents.

4) Diversified control system can control processing speed, idling speed and tool falling speed respectively, greatly improved the quality of processed products and processing efficiency.
5) More working size machines can be produced by us, they are S2030C cnc foam milling machine, S2540S cnc gantry milling machine and S3050S cnc foam milling machine.

Technical Parameter of Styrofoam CNC Router Machine Basic Version

XYZ Working Size: 1300×2500×600mm

Table Type: aluminum profile

Driving Motor: Stepper (basic version), Delta Servo (high configuration version)

Spindle: 6.0kw, china air cooling, 0-18000 rpm variable speed, collet size ER32 

Available diameter of cutter:  φ3.175-φ20mm

Controller: origin NC studio card (basic version), Syntec system (high configuration version)

Transmission: XY- rack and pinion transmission, Z- Taiwan TBI rolling ballscrew

Linear Guide: HIWIN square guide rail

Net Weight: 1800KGS

Working Power: AC 380V/50-60Hz, 3Ph 4 Wire