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Industrial 3D Scanner for Wood Carving | Furniture & Mould Industry
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Industrial 3D Scanner for Wood Carving | Furniture & Mould Industry
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Industrial 3D scanner is a device analyses a real-world object to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance. The collected data can then be used to construct digital three-dimensional models. In computerised wood carving machine field, it is widely used to create 3D CAD models and the format is stl.file. As we know, designing is a difficult job in cnc field, but the 3D industrial scanner makes this job more easier. As long as you have real-world object, you can scan it and get 3D models via the scanning equipment.  Design is not a difficult job any more if you own it !

details of industrial 3d scanner 


3D scanner is used for wood carving, furniture and mould industries, Statue, sculpture, European style furniture, artworks, cast metal, sheet metal, molds plastic, shoes, and other reverse engineering.  


1) Double 1.3M or 3M MV Camera made by Germany.  

2) Machine vision camera lens made by Japan.

3) Projector made by USA/Taiwan

4) Tripod made by Taiwan

5) Photogrammetry Data Alignment

6) Size per frame: 320×240mm/f[M] 480×360mm/f[L]

7) Object size range: 5mm-500mm

8) Precision: 0.02mm

9) Mesh: 0.07-0.15mm 
10) Scanner type: industrial purpose 3D scanner
11) Software: GeoMagic, FlexScan 3D

industrial 3D scanner

sample made by 3d scanner

More information like 3d scan prices or scanning manual, welcome to contact us.

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