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China Router CNC 2030 Factory
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China Router CNC 2030 Factory
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Router CNC 2030, also known as 6.5 by 10 feet router cnc machine, is used for machining full sheet material with Max. Size 2000×3000mm. It is commonly used in production of wood doors, artworks, wall art decorator panel, cabinet and so on. Router CNC 2030 is very popular with clients from Russia, Brazil, Tunisia and etc. 

Materials good for router cnc is solid wood, MDF, plastic, PVC, acrylic, and other nonmetal materials.

Field: Wood door, cabinet, office furniture etc.

Machining capacity: engraving, routing, cutting and boring. 

wall art decorator panel making machine

Technical Parameter of China Router CNC

Working Size (XYZ) | 2000×3000×200mm

Max. Flying Speed | 35,000mm/min

Max. Cutting Speed | 18,000mm/min

Spindle | 4.5kw, water cooling, adjustable speed 0-18,000RPM, ER25

Engraving Tools Diameter Range | 3.175-16mm

Controlling System | DSP

Command | G code

Motor | Stepper, big torque

Work-holding | Vac-sorb and clamp

Vacuum Pump | Water ring, 5.5kw, air flow 230CBM/h

Transmission (XY) | Helical rack and pinion drive

Transmission (Z) | Rolling balls crew drive

Max. Power Consumption | 14kw

Power Supply | AC380V/50-60Hz, 3Ph 4 Wires

Net Weight | 1600KGS

Optional configuration for router cnc 2030

(1) Spindle power6.0kw, 7.0kw, 9.0kw

(2) Cooling mode of spindle: air cooling 

(3) Controller: Mach3, Weihong NK105G2 and NC studio card

(4) Driving motor: Servo or Hybrid Servo

(5) Vacuum pump: Air-ring type

Packing Details

EagleTec Router CNC machine is completely wrapped with plastic film to prevent being rusty, and then packed into free-fumigation wood case.


1) PVC Vacuum table is divided into 8 vacuum zones, multi function table design, which can hold the work piece by vaccum-adsorption as well as by clamp.

2) Machine frame is welded with seamless steel structure; processed by high temperature tempering treatment and vibrating stress relief (VSR) to reduce residual stress; and it is supported by six legs with adjustable leveling feet.

3) Beam is made of steel. A steel beam is superior to a aluminum in it’s ability to suppress

and absorb the forces created during cutting. It is internally ribbed in order to stiffen the

assembly; this design is minimizing the vibration while increasing accuracy and repeatability.   

4) Each axis of motion is supported on high precision grade linear guide ways. HIWIN linear guides allow for higher feed speeds and a better quality of cut. 

5) The Y-axis uses a dual drive, one for each side of the gantry.

6) Software for router cnc 2030: CAD/CAM designing software e.g. Type 3/Artcam/UcanCAM etc.

7) Has the function of re-carving after break point and power failure.

8) All the linear guides are centrally lubricated from a central system. 

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