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Cheap 1325 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Metal Sheet 1300x2500mm
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Cheap 1325 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Metal Sheet 1300x2500mm
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Automated plasma cutter, also known as cnc plasma cutting machine, is the machinery which can cut through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Typical materials can cut by this process include steel, aluminum, brass and copper. CNC plasma cutting machine is often used in fabrication and welding shops, sign making shops and some other fields.

automated plasma cutting machine 

Applicable Material of 1325 cnc plasma cutter machine

Sheet metal includes steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass and copper.

Application Field of 1325 plasma cutting machine

Decorative metalwork, sign-making, wall art, address signs, and outdoor garden art.


Finished Job by computerized plasma cutting machine 

sample made by cnc plasma cutting machinemetal cutting job by cnc plasma

Features of cnc plasma cutting machine 

1) High speed, precision cuts, combined with low cost of operation.

2) Light beam and light Z axis design.

3) The Y-axis uses a dual drive, one for each side of the gantry.

4) Each axis of motion is supported on high precision linear guide ways. Hiwin linear guides allow for higher feed speeds and a better quality of cut. 

5) Anti – dust and anti – water design on X & Y axis is protection for transmission part.  

6) Automated plasma cutting machine beam uses light structural design, with good rigidity structure, light deadweight and small movement inertia.


Technical Parameter: 

Working Size (X Y)


Plasma Power

Huayuan brand 63A

Driving Motor


Operation System

Start (Microstep)





Max.Cutting Thickness


X Y Transmission

Rack and pinion , HIWIN square linear guide way

Water Table Design


Torch Height Controller


Working Power

AC 380V/50-60Hz, 3Ph

Max.Power Consumption


Optional Configuration of CNC plasma cutter

1) Power and brand of the plasma: Huayuan brand(45A, 63A,100A), or Hypertherm brand(45A, 65A, 125A)

2) Operation system : Start or DSP

3) Torch height controller: with or without. With torch height controller, the plasma cutting machine can cut metal sheet which is unflat, the plasma gun head will automatically rise and fall as the material goes up and down; without T.H.C controller, the machine can only cut flat sheet.

For more tips on how to choose a cnc plasma cutting machine, please click here

To learn more, please see video of T.H.C controller here

4) Working size1300×2500mm, 1500×3000mm computerized plasma cutter

5) Linear guide way: round shape or square shape



CNC plasma cutting machine is packed into strong plywood case, very suitable for sea shipment.