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Cable Carrier Chain CNC Router Drag Chain 25x57 25/35/45 Series
Product Name:
Cable Carrier Chain CNC Router Drag Chain 25x57 25/35/45 Series
No. :
18x18, 18x25, 18x35, 25x38, 25x57, 25x75, 25x77, 35x50, 35x60, 35x75, 35x100, 45x75, 45x100, 45x125, 45x150mm (inner height by inner width)

Cable carrier chain, also known as name of drag chain, cable chain, towline, cable track and hose carrier, are guides designed to surround and guide flexible cables and hydraulic or pneumatic hoses connected to CNC router motion axis. Cable carrier chain reduces wear and stress on cables and hoses, prevent entanglement, and improve operator safety. Cable drag chains are often used with highly flexible cables on wood cutting cnc router

energy chain cable carrier 

Types of Cable Carrier Chain

Close type – protection from dirty and debris such as woodchips and metal shavings

Semi close type – better on cable heat radiation 

cnc cable carrier

Features of Cable Carrier Chain

Material: plastic or nylon

Chemical, water and temperature resistant 

Cable Drag Chain Models Provided:

18x18, 18x25, 18x35 mm

25x38, 25x57, 25x75, 25x77 mm

35x50, 35x60, 35x75, 35x100 mm

45x75, 45x100, 45x125, 45x150 mm

Note: the size above means inner height by inner width


Standard size of cable carrier chain

cnc drag chain dimension

Please contact us for more choice on size.

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