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Dust Proof Cover Dust Cloth For CNC Router
Product Name:
Dust Proof Cover Dust Cloth For CNC Router
No. :
Model.A, B

CNC dust cover is commonly used on stone and aluminum working cnc router machine.  Simply because, cnc engraving machine for stone and aluminum working purpose needs anti-dust and anti-water design on X and Y axes. The tool cooling system will splash water during the machining process. So, the anti-dust and anti-water design is necessary for aluminum and stone working cnc machine.

Distinguished from their shape, two types (Model.A & B) of cnc dust proof cover can be provided, as well as customized type.   


cnc dust proof cover

cnc router dust cloth

Kindly reminder

CNC router dust cloth is wearing part, if possible, please get it in stock for future replacement. 

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