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CNC Router Limit Switch Home Switch Inductive Proximity Sensor NPN/PNP
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CNC Router Limit Switch Home Switch Inductive Proximity Sensor NPN/PNP
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CNC router limit switch, also called cnc limit switch or cnc home switch, is one type of inductive proximity sensor. Its function is to stop each axis of cnc router (XYZ) at the coordinate of home point accurately during the operation of Go home. That’s why it called home switch also. 

inductive proximity limit switch sensor for cnc router

How CNC Router Limit Switch System Works

The system is consisted by two parts, cnc limit switch and small steel chip. Small steel chip is fixed at home position and cannot move; cnc limit switch is mounted near the drive motor of each axis and can move. In operation of Gohome, cnc limit switch is moving to the steel chip, when it close to the steel chip and reach a certain distance of 4mm, the steel chip will be detected by the cnc router limit switch and the switch will actuate to send out signal to the controller, then controller stop the machine.


CNC Router Limit Switch Features:

Application: position sensor, home switch

Detection method: inductive type

Wire: three, please do wring according to the instruction on the sensor

Detectable object: metal

Detectable distance: 4mm

Input voltage: 24V

Sensor surface: top surface

Shell: ABS plastic 
cnc router limit switch

Kindly Tips:

1) CNC router limit switch is small thing but important, your machine can not work without it, so you are suggested to have 2 pieces in stock in case of further replacement.


2) When you order the inductive proximity sensor for your cnc machine, please kindly clear the controller system details include brand and model, so the proper proximity sensor can be sent to you. 

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