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2.2KW 6090 CNC Router Sign Making Light CNC Machine
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2.2KW 6090 CNC Router Sign Making Light CNC Machine
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2.2kw 6090 CNC router EagleTec-B6090C is a light duty cnc machine in basic cnc router type, which is designed for jobs of sign making and art works. Compared with CNC wood router, it is light in machine construction; three axes are using balls crew drive. But that’s enough for jobs of signage and artworks. Materials best for sign making cnc machine is acrylic, plastic, PVC, ACM, PS, with expanded PVC, MDF, plywood, HDPE, foam, and solid wood. Some users also take cnc router 4x8 for sign making business. 
2.2kw 6090 cnc router


Signmaking, badge, arts and crafts, house decoration, exhibits and more. 

6090 cnc router carving arcylic6090 cnc router do signmaking6090 cnc router machining badge
6090 cnc router works


1) Water cooling spindle can keep working for several hours without rest. On this point, it is superior to air cooled spindle.

2) All axes motion are supported on Taiwan Hiwin square linear guideways.

3) Well compatibility: CAD/CAM designing software e.g. Type 3/ArtCAM /UcanCAM


4) X axis is dustproof; It keeps the ballscrew and guide rails away from carving

residuum and makes sure the steady working performance of the machine for long-term using.

5) Has the function of re-carving after break point and power failure.

6) Perfect oil-inject system makes maintenance much easier.

7) This is a light cnc machine with size 6090, a smaller size 3040 desktop cnc carver router is available also. 

Technical Parameter

Working Size (X Y Z)

600×900×120 mm

Driving Type



DSP or  NK105 controller or NC studio



Max.Traveling Speed

15 m/min


By Clamp

Vacuum Pump


X Y Transmission

TBI rolling ballscrew , HIWIN square linear guide way

Z Transmission

Taiwan TBI rolling ballscrew , HIWIN square linear guide way


2.2 kw , water cooling, 0-24000 rpm variable speed

Collet Size

ER16 , available diameter of cutter bits φ3.175-φ10mm

Working Power

220V/50-60Hz, Single Phase

Max.Power Consumption

4 KW

Net Weight

350 KGS


Plywood case suitable for sea shipment