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Carbon Graphite Vanes EK60 For Dry Running Vacuum Pump
Product Name:
Carbon Graphite Vanes EK60 For Dry Running Vacuum Pump
No. :
EagleTec EK60 – Size 240x48mm, One Set Contains 4 Pieces Total, MOQ: 2 Sets

Brief: this item for sale here is Carbon Graphite Vanes for dry running vacuum pump. It is a wearing part of the cnc router vacuum pump including brand Becker and other brands; it may wear out after a long period of use. In this case, you will need to replace it. Then the problem is coming. How to get the graphite vane with correct size for your pump? In fact, this problem is easy to solve, please refer to the following contents.

You only need to measure 3 sizes of the rotor groove and also the lamina length, tell them to us, then we can provide you with the right model.

The three dimensions are:

1. the length of the long side of the rotor groove

2. the length of the short side

3. the thickness of the groove. Please refer to diagram below:  
how to confirm your carbon graphite vanes size

Another size you need to know is the length of your graphite sheet.
carbon graphite vane length diagram

It is better if you can measure the width of your carbon blades with a Vernier calipers like the picture below.
measure the vane width with a vernier calipers 

EagleTec Carbon Graphite Vanes Features: 

Our carbon pallets have excellent high temperature resistance, no need to use oil and water as a medium.

Carbon blade has self-lubricating function with low friction, so it has strong wear resistance performance.

Our graphite vanes are environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

Excellent vacuum effect, especially for high speed rotating vacuum pumps.

How to install it?

Please refer to diagram below. 
vacuum pump vanes should be installed in this way

Tips on Carbon Graphite Vane Installation 

Before installing the vanes, clean the cavity wall of the vacuum pump without any residue.

Inspect the cavity wall for wear. (For your information, poor quality carbon sheet, because its hardness is too high, it will damage the cavity wall.)

When installing the vacuum pump vanes, please take care the chamfering direction. Don't install in the reverse direction, it will break the vane in a short period. This is very important.


Tips on CNC Router Vacuum Pump Maintenance

Regularly maintain the vacuum pump bearings and fill them with high-temperature lubricants. If the bearings are damaged, serious consequences will come.

The air inlet filter should maintain good working performance and need to be replaced regularly.

To better understand, please watch the video show here. 


If you are looking for the carbon graphite vanes for your vacuum pump, please get a FREE quote today.