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FWCDxL28xR1 Woodturning Chisels Knife Blades - Flute Length 28mm
Product Name:
FWCDxL28xR1 Woodturning Chisels Knife Blades - Flute Length 28mm
No. :
Unit Price: USD52/piece (shipping cost not included) Model. FWCDxL28xR1, Blade length 28mm

Brief: this item for sale is EagleTec woodturning chisels knife blade, which is one part and the most important part of wood lathe carbide cutters. The model number is FWCDxL28xR1; knife blade length is 28mm and made of tungsten raw materials whose hardness is up to 91.5HRC. For your information, tungsten is 20 times more durable than white steel and 10 times that of high-speed steel (HSS). This tool is the most commonly used one for cnc wood lathes.
fwcdxl28xr1 woodturning chisels knife blades for sale

Applicable Materials of FWCDxL28xR1 knife blades:

Hardwood, neutral wood, bamboo, etc. 

Blade Output for Your Reference

Each EagleTec wood turning chisels blade can machining:

Beech - 700 pieces, no burr

African pear wood wet material - 200 pieces, no burr

Quick Details of EagleTec Woodturning Chisels Blade

Raw materials: blade is made of high-quality solid carbide (also known as tungsten)

Hardness: 91.5HRC

Tip radius: 1.0mm

Cutting angle: 17 degree  

Net weight: 160g

Blade length: 28mm

Blade height: 13mm
eagletec fwcdxl28xr1 blade length 28mm blade height 13mm diagram

EagleTec FWCDxL28xR1 Woodturning Chisels Blade Features

1). 13mm carbide (tungsten) blade can be grinded more than 50 times, greatly improving its service life; The number of grindable is at least 3 times that of other similar woodturning tools. The machining quantity can reach more than 5 times of other carbide cutters for woodturning, and the finishing is better than them.

Each chisel blade is processed through 20 steps. Each step has strict requirement. The blade is grinded by 6 precision passes. Each fine grinding is via diamond grinding wheels which is more than 500 mesh, to get a mirror edge for each blade.

The design of the tip arc and the tip cutting groove ensures the smoothness of wood parting.
EalgeTec woodturning knife tip arc and cutting groove design

EalgeTec Woodturning Knife Blade Use Tips:  

a.) Before use, please carefully check if there is sand, stone, nails or other hard objects on the processed wood piece to avoid breaking the cutting edge.

Before processing, please check the wood for dead knots or cracks. Otherwise, it will be easy to get knife blade stuck when processing. This damage the blades seriously.

Please fix 4 screws tightly when installing the cutter blade.

Since the cutting blade is made of cemented carbide, it has strong wear resistance and high brittleness, so please avoid crash and knock on the blade to avoid damage.

When grinding, please use professional diamond resin grinding wheel.

Video of EagleTec Woodturning Knife Blade 

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