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Huge Plates Cut Solution – Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine 3000mm and 4000mm
Product Name:
Huge Plates Cut Solution – Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine 3000mm and 4000mm
No. :
EagleTec ET-3000 (3000mm maximum cutting width) ET-4000 (4000mm maximum cutting width)

Brief: cnc plasma gantry kit refers to a plasma cutting machine with only gantry frame and without cutting table. Except plasma table, it is another common construction which is always adopted by plasma cutter. Unlike cnc plasma table, gantry plasma cutting machine is no longer restricted by container size in shipping. Based on this advantage, it is an ideal cutting solution for huge sheet metal cutting purpose. It can well meet the needs of customers for large metal plates cutting. 
gantry plasma cutting machine

Why is it an ideal solution for huge plates cutting?

Suppose there is a customer who want to cut metal plates with 3000mm x 4000mm size, it is no problem at all for us to build a cnc plasma table with this size; but the problem is in shipping, as the container width is 2350mm only, it is impossible for us to load a plasma table with this size into the container. So as a result, we made the machines and found that we couldn't deliver them to our customers over the sea. But the cnc plasma gantry kit is a good solution to this problem. Because it abandoned the traditional construction of the table and the gantry assembly together, only keep the gantry and linear guides there. In this way, gantry plasma cutting machine is not limited by the size of the container any more. Most important, it can meet customer requirements on cutting big metal plates with different sizes. About cutting size, the maximum width can be up to 4, 000 mm (X axis) and there is no limit on the length (Y axis).
cnc plasma gantry kit from EagleTec
plasma torch on cnc plasma gantry kit

Technical Parameter of CNC Plasma Gantry Kit

Model No. | ET-3000, ET-4000

Machine Type | gantry plasma cutting machine 

Machine Construction | heavy duty gantry type

Maximum Cutting width | 3000mm or 4000mm (X working size)

Maximum Cutting Length | as per your request (Y working size)

Plasma Source | 105amp Chinese brand HuaYuan, more other options ready for you

Maximum Cutting Thickness | 20mm carbon steel

T.H.C | with arc voltage torch height controller

XY Transmission | rack and pinion 

Z Transmission | rolling ballscrew 

Plasma Controller | StarFire or Microstep with USB communication interface

Driving Motor | Stepping

Plasma Cut Software | FastCAM in English

Wearing Parts | 20 pcs nozzle and 20 pcs electrode coming together with machine for free

User Manual | detailed, step by step operation manual is provided together with the machine

Working Power | AC220V / Single Phase for cnc plasma machine

Working Power | AC380V / Three Phase for plasma source

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To better understand how this gantry plasma machine works, please watch the video below.