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8mm One Flute Upcut Spiral Cutting Bit Tool For Wood MDF Size 8x42mm
Product Name:
8mm One Flute Upcut Spiral Cutting Bit Tool For Wood MDF Size 8x42mm
No. :
EagleTec 8mm Spiral Cutting Bit: SHK x CED x CEL – 8x8x25mm, 8x8x32mm, 8x8x42mm, 8x8x52mm

Brief: the carbide router bits for sale here is 8mm spiral cutting bit. 8mm is the shank size. Flute size is 8x42mm (D x L). Flute quantity is one. The cutting face of a one flute cutter is smoother than that of a two flute tool. Flute design is up cut. Up cut allows for greater chip clearance. This cutter is good for MDF, wood, acrylic, and PVC cutting.
spiral cutting bit 8mm one flute 8x42mm for wood mdf

8x42mm Upcut Spiral Cutting Bit Specification

Tool type: spiral cutting tool (good for plunge cut)

Router tool uses: for cnc router using 

Flute design: upcut (chips removed from the top)

Flute quantity: one

Flute diameter: 8mm

Flute length: 42mm

Shank size: 8mm

Raw materials: solid carbide

Origin: China Mainland

Application: cut on MDF, wood, PVC, acrylic

Package: each tool is in a separate plastic box.
8mm spiral cutting bit is in package

Other Size Available For This 8mm Spiral Cutting Bit:

8x8x25mm, 8x8x32mm, 8x8x42mm, 8x8x52mm (SHKxCEDxCEL)

One Flute Spiral Cutting Bit Features

It is machined by high precision CNC machining center.

High-quality tungsten steel (solid carbide) is adopted as raw material via high-precision grinding and polishing treatment. EagleTec spiral cutting bit is sharp, durable and allows for fast chip removal.

The cutting edge adopts mirror grinding process, which makes the flute excellent sharp, and not easy to break.

Non-stick knife, fast feeding speed

Smokeless, tasteless, quiet

Polishing free, widely applicated to MDF, wood, acrylic and PVC cutting jobs.
carbide one flute spiral cutting bit 3 stands up 2 lie down 


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