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150 Degree V Router Bit With Shank 6mm For V Shaped Cut
Product Name:
150 Degree V Router Bit With Shank 6mm For V Shaped Cut
No. :
EagleTec V Router Bit 150° 6mm Shank | Full size: 6x16x150°, 6x22x150°, 6x32x150° (SHK x CED x Angle)

Brief: the router cutter for sale here is 6mm v router bit with 150° angle. Flute width has three sizes: 16mm, 22mm and 32mm. Other special sizes can be customized according to your production request.
v router bit 150 degree 6mm shank for sale

Cutter Uses: 150 degree v router bit is good for jobs like v shaped cut, chamfering, trimming, lettering, sign carving etc. on materials like hardwood, MDF, plywood, laminate, acrylic and more.  

150° V Groove Router Bit full sizes: 6x16x150°, 6x22x150°, 6x32x150° (SHKxCEDxAngle)

More options on cutters angle available also:

v groove cutter 120°

chamfer router bit 60°


Blade is made of selected high quality tungsten steel, no need deburr.

The tool body is made of high speed steel which is high hardness, high wear resistance and high heat resistance.

Double flute design, high sharpness, durable. 

EagleTec V Router Bit Specification

Tool Type: v bit cnc

Unit: metric (mm)

Shank Diameter: 6mm

Angle: 150 degree

Blade Raw Materials: Germany ultrafine tungsten (carbide)

Bit Body Materials: high speed steel

Blade Diameter: 16mm, 22mm, 32mm

Bit Tip Size: 0.2mm

Coating: with

Flute Qty: two

Application: notching, chamfering, trimming, lettering, sign carving, and 3D carving.

Package: one-piece v bit tool in one independent small plastic case
high precision v router bits in packages

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