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CNC Router Plasma Combo Machine for Wood And Metal Cutting (2 in 1 model)
Product Name:
CNC Router Plasma Combo Machine for Wood And Metal Cutting (2 in 1 model)
No. :
EagleTec EA-PR1325 (1300x2500mm) / EA-PR1530 (1500x3000mm)

Brief: the machine for sale here is cnc router plasma combo, router and plasma both machine is designed on same base and bridge, two in one. The benefit of this construction is that router and plasma share the same set of X & Y axes. Result is that two machines just take one machine’s footprint. It saves lots of cost for you like shipping and workshop space etc. If you are engaged in metal and nonmetallic cutting, this combo machine is your ideal solution. We offer two working sizes available, 1300x2500mm (4x8) and 1500x3000mm (5x10).
cnc router plasma combo from eagletec

Features of EagleTec Cnc router plasma combo

1. Except sharing same set X & Y, the router and plasma are two independent systems:

Everyone has its own machining head, router head is a water cooled electric spindle, plasma head is a torch.  
cnc router plasma combo with two head one spindle and one plasma torch

Everyone has its own cnc controller, router controller is Richauto DSP A11E and plasma controller is Microstep. 
cnc router plasma combo cnc controller richauto and microstep

Everyone has its own cutting table, router is aluminum profile and plasma is sawtooth burn table. The router table is on the sawtooth platform. When you need to use the sawtooth platform, you can take away the router table and put it aside because it is designed in removable style. 
cnc router plasma combo two cutting tables

Machine frame is welded with seamless steel structure; processed by high temperature tempering treatment and vibrating stress relief (VSR) to reduce residual stress; and it is supported by 6 legs with adjustable leveling feet.

3. Beam is made of steel. A steel beam is superior to a aluminum in it’s ability to suppress and absorb the forces created during cutting. It is internally ribbed in order to stiffen the assembly; this design is minimizing the vibration while increasing accuracy and repeatability.   


4. All the linear guides are centrally lubricated from a central lubricator system.

EagleTec cnc router plasma combo Technical Specification




Working Size

1300x2500mm (4x8)

1500x3000mm (5x10)

Combo Construction

Frame Construction

heavy duty

Machine Type

cnc router plasma combo

Linear Guide

hiwin square 20mm

X & Y Transmission

Rack and pinion

Driving Motor

NEMA 34 Stepper



Electronic Cabinet

independent type

Working Power

AC380V/50Hz, 3Ph

Max. Travelling Speed




4.5kw water cooled, 0-18,000rpm


Fuling 5.5kw

CNC Controller

Richauto DSP A11

Working Table

aluminum profile with PVC layer

Z transmission

TBI ballscrew 25mm


Cut Table

sawtooth burn table

Plasma Cutting Thickness

1 ~ 8mm

Plasma Source

63amp, Huayuan brand - china

CNC Controller

Microstep or Starfire

Communication interface


Arc Voltage Torch Height Controller



Optional Configuration 

Working size: 1300x2500mm or 1500x3000mm 

Spindle power: 3.0kw, 4.5kw, 5.5kw

Plasma source: 63A, 100A, 120A, 160A, 200A

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