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6mm 2 Flute Ball Nose End Mill with Extra Long Flute 6x52mm for Hard Wood / MDF / Acrylic
Product Name:
6mm 2 Flute Ball Nose End Mill with Extra Long Flute 6x52mm for Hard Wood / MDF / Acrylic
No. :
EagleTec Ball Nose End Mill 6x52mm (flute diameter x flute length) | 2 Flute Spiral Cut | More size available: 6x17mm / 6x22mm / 6x25mm / 6x28mm / 6x32mm / 6x42mm

Brief: the milling tools for sale here is 6mm ball nose end mill with 2 spiral flute. It is made of carbide. Flute length is extra long, which is 52mm. The flute diameter is 6mm. Ball nose end mill 6x52mm is good for jobs like embossment, letter engraving, roughing and 3D finishing, especially suitable for deep relief carving due to its long blades.
ball nose end mill cutter 6x52mm

Applicable materials of carbide ball nose include: acrylic, pvc, MDF, wood, hard wood and more.


EagleTec ball nose end mill has the advantages of fast speed, good finishing and smooth chip removal.

It also has the characteristics of wear-resisting, heat-resistant, non-burning knife and so on.

The tool is automatic one-off molding from the carbide rod to the finished product. Standard production greatly improves the size accuracy and sharpness.

Unique flute mirror grinding technology.

The finish is smooth and fine, and the resistance to breaking is strong.
ball nose router bits 6mm CED

EagleTec Ball Nose Router Bits Specification

Type: ball nose tool

Raw Materials: carbide, hardness 88 ~ 89 HRA

Cutter Grade: N - grade

Blade Type: spiral

Blade Qty: 2

Coating: without

Blade Length: 52mm

Overall Length: 80mm

Blade Diameter: 6mm

Shank Size: 6mm

Application: especially for deep relief carving, also good for 3D finishing, roughing, and letter engraving.

Ball Nose Package: independent plastic case, each piece in one case.
ball nose end mill in plastic case package 

Other Size of This Ball Nose End Mill

6x17mm / 6x22mm / 6x25mm / 6x28mm / 6x32mm / 6x42mm (blade diameter x blade length)

Useful advice on router bits selection: on the premise of meeting your machining depth request, it is better to use cutters with short blades as far as possible. Long blades or too long cutting bodies will cause vibration and deflection during machining, resulting in bits damage and affecting the quality of machining. If have to use, we recommend the use of tools with larger shank diameters.

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