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Best Customized Cut Solution for Both Thin and Thick Sheet Metal Cutting Purpose
Product Name:
Best Customized Cut Solution for Both Thin and Thick Sheet Metal Cutting Purpose
No. :
EagleTec EA-PL1530DT / Working size 1500x3000mm (5x10 feet)

Brief: best cnc plasma table EagleTec EA-PL1530DT is a customized sheet metal cut solution special for users who has a higher requirement on quality cut for different thickness plates. Some users need cut both thin and thick sheet metal, and the thickness difference between both is big. For example, a user mainly cut two types metal plates, 10mm and 30mm thickness. If only take 200amp plasma cutter, you can get quality cut on 30mm but can not get quality cut on 10mm; oppositely, if only take 65amp, it can not cut 30mm at all. In this case, you need take EagleTec EA-PL1530DT because it is with two plasma source 65amp and 200amp; 65amp for 10mm quality cut, and 200amp for 30mm quality cut. This is the exact purpose EA-PL1530DT designed for. If you have same production requirement as the example here, this model is the best suitable cut solution for you.  
cnc plasma cutting table with two plasma cutter 65amp and 200amp

Environment-friendly Design: the cnc plasma cutting table is designed with unique fans for smoke removing; with drawers for slag collection. 
Fast Precise Quiet Operation: adopt ac servo Panasonic on X & Y axis of plasma table. Dual drive on Y, one servo for each side of the gantry. This is a close loop driven system, which performs good acceleration and deceleration. 

Two plasma cutters: best cnc plasma cutting table EA-PL1530DT is equipped two plasma source, Hypertherm 65amp and Huayuan 200amp. You can also take any other power according to your production needs also.
two plasma cutters equipped with same cnc plasma cutting table

Two Plasma Cutting Torches: each plasma cutter is equipped with its own torch, easy to switch. If you need to use 63apm to cut, put that torch on the machine head, and let the other one in the spare position.
two plasma torches one on head the other on spare position  

Torch Height Control: the best cnc plasma table is equipped with arc voltage torch height controller which is ensure the quality cut even on uneven metal plates. 

Controller for CNC Plasma Cutting Table: starfire controller with LED display and English menu. There is pattern library in the controller; just select the right pattern and input several machining parameters, the cutter will start working for you.

Linear Guide: it is adopts spare type linear rail which is better on accuracy; round type is available too as optional configuration.

Plasma Cutting Software: FASTCAM English version.

Consumables provided together with machine: plasma cutting nozzles and electrode, 20 pieces each. 

Concerning User Guide: after the best cnc plasma table reach your factory, we will guide you the whole process from the beginning until put it into production. In addition, full set of user manual includes hardware and software are provided to you along with machine. It is practical, specific, step by step manual for your right machine, not a general, senseless one for many different models. That type of manual make no sense for you.

Technical Parameter 


EagleTec EA-PL1530DT

Cutting Size

1500x3000mm (English unit: 5x10 feet)

Machine Type

cnc plasma table with double plasma source

Plasma Cutters

2PCS, 65amp Hypertherm - USA & 200amp Huayuan - China

Plasma Cutting Thickness

1.5 ~ 10mm & 1.5 ~ 40mm

Plasma Torch

2PCS, one for each plasma cutter

Construction Type

heavy duty, standard size

Linear Guide

square type high accuracy

Drawers on Side

4 pieces

Plasma Table Type

burn table with smoke removing function

CNC Controller

STARFIRE in english

Communication Code

G Code

Communication interface


Arc Voltage Torque Height Controller


Driving Motor

AC servo - Panasonic


Rack and pinion

Travelling Speed

8,000 mm/min

Plasma Voltage

AC380V, 3Ph

Plasma Controller Voltage

AC220V, Single Ph

CNC Plasma Cutting Software

FASTCAM in English


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