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Portable CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine with One Flame Torch and One Plasma Torch
Product Name:
Portable CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine with One Flame Torch and One Plasma Torch
No. :
EagleTec EA-P1525FP Cutting Size 1500x2500mm

Brief: Portable cnc flame plasma cutting machine EagleTec EA-P1525FP has two torches, one flame and one plasma. Design of two torches in one machine is to meet production variety requirement. Depending on the materials, sometimes we need to use flame for cutting, sometimes we need plasma to cut. This machine is a perfect combination of these two cutting ways. Two torches can be switched arbitrarily according to need. A portable design enables the cnc flame plasma cutter machine can be moved to different locations as needed. The cut capacity of this machine can range from 1.5 mm to 200 mm because of the combination of flame and plasma torch. This is a portable, low-cost cnc cutting machine with wide range of applications. 

Application: the portable cnc flame plasma cutting machine is applied to large, medium and small mining plants, automobile, shipbuilding, construction machinery and other fields, ideal for carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal cutting.
portable cnc flame plasma cutting machine with one flame torch and one plasma torch

Portable cnc plasma cutting machine specification

This product is a portable cnc metal cut machine, can cut any patterns on sheet metal materials, support both flame and plasma cutting.

This machine is smart, light, removable, does not occupy a fixed room, suitable for indoor and outdoor production.

Cutting software supports drawing and nesting. Easy to learn.

With the software we provided, the CAD graph can be converted into G code which can be recognized by the machine; put the G code file into the U disk, then insert U disk into the cnc cutter machine, and the machine can cut the jobs according to the program.

With 100amp Huayuan plasma source, the max. cut thickness suggested is 15mm. 

Equipped with torch height controller, it is suitable for cutting sheets which has uneven surface.
Torch height controller and starfire system on portable cnc flame plasma cutting machine

The cnc plasma cutting system is adopted Beijing Starfire controller. 

Optional configuration for portable cnc flame plasma cutting machine

Working size can be 1500x3000mm, please click 5x10 portable cnc plasma cutter to learn more.

More options on plasma source:

Huayuan brand: 63amp, 120amp, 160amp, 200amp

Hypertherm: 45amp, 65amp, 85amp, 105amp, 125amp, 200amp

EagleTec portable cnc flame plasma cutting machine accessories contain 20 pieces plasma nozzles, 20 pieces plasma electrodes and 1 set cutting software.
plasma torch on portable cnc flame plasma cutting machine 


Portabel cnc flame plasma cutting machine consumables include nozzle, electrode, shield, retaining cap and swirl ring. You are strongly suggested to keep some in stock for further maintenance purpose.

Packing Detail

EagleTec portable cnc flame plasma cutting machine is packed in 3 plywood cases in SKD status. Package dimensions are: 3100x300x300mm, 900x850x450mm, and 550x500x500mm.

Technical Parameter


EagleTec EA-P1525FP

Construction Type


Machine Type

CNC Flame Plasma Cutter

CNC Controller


Communication interface


Cutting Size

1500x2500mm (5x8 feet)

Flame Cutting Thickness

5 ~ 200mm

Plasma Source

100amp, Huayuan brand - china

Plasma Cutting Thickness

1.5 ~ 15mm

Torch Height Controller


Driving Motor



rack and pinion

Travelling Speed

8,000 mm/min

Plasma Voltage

AC380V, 3Ph

Plasma Controller Voltage

AC220V, Single Ph

CNC Plasma Software

FASTCAM in English

To get the latest portable cnc flame plasma cutting machine price, please inquire now. 

To better understand how this machine works, please watch the video below.