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Inexpensive 2.5D CNC Router 4x8 for General Use
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Inexpensive 2.5D CNC Router 4x8 for General Use
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2.5D CNC router has three axis totally which are X,Y and Z axis. So it is also called 3 axis cnc router. Max. Machining capacity of this type router machine is to make 2.5D carving or milling. In CNC machining, 2.5D means a surface which is a layout of plane into 3rd dimension. Simply speaking, it is 3 dimension object based on a regular plane.
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2.5d cnc router eagletec 

Materials best for
CNC router 4x8 is acrylic, MDF, melamine, phenolic, plywood, HDPE, PVC, foam and solid wood.

Field: General purpose 

wood door carving art wall made by 2.5d cnc routerslot wall made by cnc router

Technical Parameter

XY Working Size | 4x8

Z Stroke | 200mm

Gantry Height | 200mm

Table Type | Aluminum profile and PVC

Spindle | Origin HSD, 4HP, air cooled, RPM range 0-18,000

Drive Motor | Stepping motor

Max. Fly Speed | 35,000mm/min

Max. Machining Speed | 18,000mm/min

CNC Controller | RichAuto DSP or Weihong NK105

Linear Guideway | Origin HIWIN from Taiwan

Available Bits Shank Diameter | 3.175-16mm

Working Power | AC380V/50Hz, 3Ph or customized

Max. Power Consumption | 7KW

Net Weight | 1100KGS

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Guideway and rack will be greased, then cnc router machine is fully wrapped with plastic film, last step it is packed into strong plywood case.  

Features of 2.5D CNC Router

1) Frame is welded with thick-wall steel tube; processed by vibrating stress relief (VSR) to reduce residual stress; and it is supported by 6legs with adjustable leveling feet.

2) Separate free standing electronic control cabinet.

3) The X and Y axis transmission is via helical rack and pinion which gives cnc router 4×8 a long life and good accuracy.

4) The Z transmission is via rolling ballscrew.

5) Y uses dual drive, one stepping motor on each side of the gantry.

6) Programming Software: Type 3/Artcam/UcanCAM

7) Table is aluminum profile, and the material sheet only can be fixed by clamp. A multi-function table design is also available, it is the machine EA-1325SVL CNC router kit 4x8.