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Delta Inverter 5.5KW / 7.5HP VFD055E43A 3.7KW 7.5KW VFD037E/075E/23A
Product Name:
Delta Inverter 5.5KW / 7.5HP VFD055E43A 3.7KW 7.5KW VFD037E/075E/23A
No. :
VFD002E, VFD004E, VFD007E, VFD015E, VFD022E, VFD037E, VFD055E, VFD075E, VFD110E, VFD150E, VFD185E, VFD220E

Delta is a famous brand of cnc router inverter (variable frequency drive). As a main electronic component of cnc router machine, Delta inverter is used to control the rotating speed (RPM) of cnc router spindle motors
delta inverter vfd-e model details

Want to learn how to do parameter settings for Delta inverter? Please click Delta inverter parameter setting tutorials

Delta inverter selection guideline: to make your electric spindle motor work properly, the inverter applicable motor capacity must match to the electric spindle motor power. The selection guideline is that the inverter applicable motor capacity is greater than or equal to the power of the spindle motor. For example, you need a inverter to work with 2.2kw spindle motor, in this case, please take Delta inverter VFD022E; if you need a inverter to working with 3.0kw spindle motor, and then please take Delta inverter VFD037E. This is a very important rule on selection a right Delta inverter for your cnc router. Second, the working voltage of the inverter is in line with the working voltage of the electric spindle motor. Please follow these two points here in selection of Delta inverter. If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us.

For more photos with detail, please see the video below. 

Full Set Delta Inverter is consisted by:

Delta Variable Frequency Drive Inverter   1PC

Parameter Manual   1PC

CD   1PC

Inspection card   1PC
delta inverter vfd055e43a full set 

Delta Inverter Models We Supplied:

Applicable Motor Capacity 1.5KW: VFD015E21A, VFD015E23A/43A, VFD015E23C43C, VFD015E23T43T, VFD015E23P/43P, VFD015E21C

Applicable Motor Capacity 2.2KW: VFD022E21A/23A/43A, VFD022E21C/23C/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 3.7KW: VFD037E23A/43A, VFD037E23C/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 5.5KW: VFD055E23A/43A, VFD055E23C/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 7.5KW: VFD075E23A/43A, VFD075E23C/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 11KW: VFD110E23A/23C, VFD110E43A/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 15KW: VFD150E23A/23C, VFD150E43A/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 18.5KW: VFD185E43A/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 22KW: VFD220E43A/43C

Applicable Motor Capacity 200W: VFD002E11A/21A/23A, VFD002E11C/21C/23C, VFD002E11T/21T/23T, VFD002E11P/21P/23P

Applicable Motor Capacity 400W: VFD004E11A/21A/23A/43A, VFD004E11C/21C/23C/43C, VFD004E11T/21T/23T/43T, VFD004E11P/21P/23P/43P

Applicable Motor Capacity 700W: VFD007E11A, VFD007E21A/23A/43A, VFD007E11C, VFD007E21C/23C/43C, VFD007E21T/23T/43T, VFD007E21P/23P/43P

Delta Inverter Model Explanation
delta inverter vfd-e model explanation diagram

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