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FULING Inverter DZB300B0022/0037 0055/0075L2/L4 CNC Router VFD
Product Name:
FULING Inverter DZB300B0022/0037 0055/0075L2/L4 CNC Router VFD
No. :
DZB300B0015L2/L4, DZB300B0022L2/L4, DZB300B0037L2/L4, DZB300B0055L4, DZB300B0075L4, DZB300B0110L4, DZB300B0185L4

FULING inverter is a famous brand of cnc router variable frequency drive (VFD). As a main electronic component of CNC router machine, FULING VFD inverter is used to control the rotating speed (RPM) of cnc router spindle. Why need to control the RPM of spindle motor? Simply because that, in order to get good finishing on job, different material is commonly machining with different RPM value (spindle motor rotating speed). VFD inverter changes RPM by frequency changing. That’s why it is called variable frequency drive. 

Want to learn how to make parameter setup? Please click fuling inverter setup guideline

Do not know how to do wiring? Please check fuling inverter vfd wiring connection tutorials

Full Set FULING inverter includes:

Inverter 1PC

Manual 1PC

Product Qualification Certificate 1PC
fuling inverter full set

Fuling Inverter DZB300B Package Details for Air Shipment

Original package is already very well.

We covered waterproof film to the original package, then put it in another carton and sealed the outer carton. Please see photo below:

fuling inverter dzb300b package details for air shipment

FULING inverter DZB300B series selection tip: to get your spindle motor work properly, the inverter applicable motor capacity must match to the spindle motor power. The selection criterion is that the inverter applicable motor capacity is greater than or equal to the power of the spindle motor. For example, you need a inverter to work with 2.2kw spindle motor, in this case, please take FULING converter DZB300B0022; if you need a inverter to working with 3.0kw spindle motor, then please take DZB300B0037. And same to DZB300B0055, DZB300B0075. This is a very important rule on selection the right FULING inverter. Second, the working voltage of the converter is in line with the working voltage of the spindle motor. Please follow these two tips here in selection of VFD inverter. If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us.
fuling vfd converter details  

FULING inverter DZB300B models applicable motor capacity: 1.5kw/2.2kw/3.7kw/5.5kw/7.5kw/11kw/18.5kw

FULING inverter DZB300 series model range we supply includes DZB300B0015L2, DZB300B0022L2, DZB300B0037L2, DZB300B0015L4, DZB300B0022L4, DZB300B0037L4, DZB300B0055L4, DZB300B0075L4, DZB300B0110L4, DZB300B0185L4 and more.

Description of FULING Inverter DZB300 Model:
description of fuling inverter model number

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Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Paypayl and Western Union. Feel free to contact us. Free PDF manual of FULING converter will be provided to you as soon as you contact us