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HSD Spindel 3.0kw/4.5kw/6.0kw 7.0kw Italy Air Cooled Spindle
Product Name:
HSD Spindel 3.0kw/4.5kw/6.0kw 7.0kw Italy Air Cooled Spindle
No. :
AT/MT 1073-060 1.5KW, AT/MT 1073-120 3.0KW, AT/MT 1090-100 4.5KW, AT/MT 1090-140 6.0KW, AT/MT 1090-140 7.0KW, AT/MT 1120-170 13.5KW Origin: Made in Italy

This product is original HSD spindle which is made in Italy. HSD is famous spindel brand from Italy. As high-end air cooled spindle, HSD spindels are very popular and widely used in cnc router field. In most cases, you will see it equipped on cnc woodworking routers. Generally speaking, HSD spindle divides into two types, AT type and MT type. AT refers to automatic tool changing (ATC); MT refers to manual tool changing (MTC). Popular models of MT type are 3.0kw, 4.5kw and 6.0kw. Popular models of AT type are 9.0kw and 12.0kw; also has two types of tool holders, ISO and HSK. 
Please do not confuse it with chinese air cooled spindle


HSD spindles EagleTec provides: full range models includes 1073-060 1.5KW 18000rpm ER25, 1073-120 3.0KW 18000rpm ER25, 1090-100 4.5KW 18000rpm ER32, 1090-140 6.0KW 18000rpm ER32, 1090-140 7.0KW 24000rpm ER32, 1120-170 13.5KW 18000rpm ER40, ES915 NC 4.6KW ISO30 24000rpm, ES929 NL 9KW ISO30 24000rpm, ES929 NL 9KW HSK F63 24000rpm and more. 
Country of Origin: Italy

Below is the photo show of HSD spindle model. AT/MT 1073-120

Technical Parameter of HSD Spindle AT/MT 1073-120

Voltage | 380V ±10%

Output Power | 3 (3.6) kw

Current | 7.7 (9.3) A

Frequency | 300 Hz

Rated Speed | 18,000 rpm

Max. Speed | 18,000 rpm

Torque | 1.59 (1.91) Nm

Collet | ER25

Cooling | Air

Weight | 8.5KG

Also we supply: hsd spindle parts includes connector, spindle bearing, tool holder, tool clamp and collets. 

Looking for HSD bearing? Please click hsd spindle bearing replacement

Here are some useful tips for users when using a new HSD spindle:

Tip 1. Please start machining after the HSD spindle RPM reach its maximum value.

Tip 2. In the first time to run a new HSD spindel after it installed on cnc router machine, it is better to start at low speed 6,000 rpm and increase by 3,000 rpm after every 10 minutes running. We can use it normally after it up to Max. rpm 24,000 or 18,000 according to different spindle motor specification. This is because that bearings inside new spindle need to be preheated. Furthermore, in order to extend the service life of spindle, it is better to start trial operation for 10-15 minutes before we use it normally. When we build the machine, EagleTec do same like this on every machine.

Tip 3. Please use dynamic balance spindle nut. Using spindle nut with dynamic balance treatment can reduce noise and vibration of hsd spindle. So it can prolong the service life of spindle.


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