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CNC Router AC Contactor Replacement Magnetic Starter
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CNC Router AC Contactor Replacement Magnetic Starter
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AC contactor, also called magnetic contactor or magnetic starter, which is an necessary electronic component for cnc router. It is used for start or stop the cnc router machines. Using contactor is a safe way to control machines’ start and stop action. The ac contactor is suitable for starting and controlling AC motors frequently. 
cnc router contactor


Magnetic AC contactor is used to start or stop the cnc router machines.

Normal Working Conditions and Installation Conditions of CNC Router AC Contactor

1. Temperature: from -5 to +40

2. Altitude: less than 2000 meters

3. Humidity: When the maximum temperature is +40 degree centigrade, the relative humidity of the air should be not more than 50%; At lower temperatures, higher relative humidity can be allowed, for example when the temperature is 20 degree centigrade, the max. allowed humidity can be 90%.

4. Installation Standard: inclination of the mounting surface and the vertical is not more than ±5°

5. The magnetic contactor should be installed and used without significant shake, shock and vibration.


Features of CNC Router AC Contactor

The magnetic contactor has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low power consumption, long service life, safety and reliability, etc.



1. When in use, if find any abnormal noise, maybe because have dirt on pole core, please wipe the dirt on the core pole.

2. In use, should always check parts of the ac magnetic contactor, movable parts should be not stuck; fasteners should be without loosening; to ensure safety and reliability. Parts if damaged, should be replaced in duly time.

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