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Pneumatic Side Hole Hand Drill For Panel Furniture
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Pneumatic Side Hole Hand Drill For Panel Furniture
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This pneumatic side hole hand drill is the latest hand tools specially designed for panel furniture production, which is specially used for drilling side holes on wood sheet. It is a small tool for plate furniture industry. As every wood worker knows, regular cnc router can not drill side holes on work piece; some special cnc router can drill side holes, but programming of side hole drill action is very trouble. That’s why this small side hole hand drill is popular by many customers. Because that with this hand drill, you can drill the side holes easily and efficiently after the cnc router bore holes on both sides of material sheet. The advantages of this side hole hand drill are simple to learn, easy to play, accurate drilling and high efficiency. These advantages will be more obvious when you receive a large order and need to catch up time. In this case, you can look for some inexperienced workers. Because even inexperienced workers can get started in a very short period of time, skilled operation, improve work efficiency, greatly improve the production capacity. This is a simple tool, no need skills. The most important thing is that the side hole hand drill is much cheaper than the automatic IR side hole drill machine; but drilling precision also good and low cost.


Drills is DongCheng or BOSCH as per your preference.

To understand well on how to use this pneumatic side hole hand drill, please see the video here.

side hole hand drill

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