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Fiber Laser Metal Marking Machine with Safeguard Cover
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Fiber Laser Metal Marking Machine with Safeguard Cover
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EagleTec ET-FL20C is a fiber laser metal marking machine with safeguard cover. Compared with the regular fiber laser marking machine, the special design of safeguard cover make it look different. We can understand from the name, this design is from safety consideration. In the process of marking, this shield protects the operator from accidental injury. This marking machine is equipped with 20w fiber laser source (brand Rayus) whose output beam is good quality. Service time of this laser source is over 100,000 hours.  Most important point is that the markings are durable and permanent. And this laser source is free maintenance. 
laser metal marking machine

Main Configuration

1. Safeguard cover design

2. 20w reyus fiber laser source

3. 110x110mm marking scope


Optional Configuration

1. Rotary attachment for round shape object marking purpose

2. Air cleaner

3. 70x70mm or 200x200mm marking range

4. 10w, 30w or 40w laser source
laser metal marking machine with safeguard cover 


The fiber laser metal marking machine ET-FL20C is good for engraving and marking on integrated circuits (IC), gift, electronic component, electrical appliances, mobile phone keypad, mobile cover, nameplate, jewelry, carton, steel knife, bags, glasses, auto parts, and more.


Technical Parameter

Model No | ET-FL20C

Marking Range | 110x110mm

Maximum Laser Power | 20w

Maximum Marking Speed | 7000mm/second

Laser Wave Length | 1064nm

Power Supply | 220V, 50Hz

File Supported | PLT, BMP, DXF, JPG, TIF, AI etc.