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CNC Fiber Laser Marker Machine with Conveyer Belt
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CNC Fiber Laser Marker Machine with Conveyer Belt
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Fiber laser marker ET-FL20L is a cnc marking machine with conveyer belts design. This design makes machine can finish marking on many pieces in a very short time. It is a marking machine ideal for large-lot production. Before marking, the work pieces are loading on the conveyer belt, after everything ready, start the conveyer, the work pieces are sent to the marking scope one by one by the belt and send away from the marking area after it is marked. Working speed is as quick as flying. This fiber laser marking machine increases the output by saving time of work piece loading.

How does a flying fiber laser marker machine work? Please see the video here.

Also, you can see the video via the URL in below.

fiber laser marker machine with conveyer

Brief Specification of ET-FL20L

1. Good combination of fiber laser marking machine and conveyer

2. 20W Raycus fiber laser source

3. 110x110mm marking size

4. EZCAD software for program

5. Computer included
fiber laser marker 

Optional Configuration of ET-FL20L

1. More option on laser power: 10w, 30w and 50w

2. More option on marking size: 70x70mm, and 200x200mm


The flying fiber laser marker machine ET-FL20L is good for marking or engraving on gift, aluminum candy case, aluminum beverage case, mobile cover, mobile phone keypad,  integrated circuits (IC), electronic component, electrical appliances, nameplate, jewelry, carton, steel knife, bags, glasses, auto parts, and more.


Technical Parameter

Model Number | ET-FL20L

Maximum Laser Power | 20W

Wave Length of Laser | 1064nm

Marking Size | 110x110mm

Maximum Marking Speed | 7000mm/sec

Power Supply | 220V, 50Hz

Cooling Ways | Force air cooling

File Supported | PLT, BMP, DXF, JPG, TIF, AI etc.


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