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Portable CNC Fiber Laser Nameplate Marking Machine
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Portable CNC Fiber Laser Nameplate Marking Machine
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Portable nameplate marking machine ET-FL20P is a portable, or we can say, removable fiber laser marker. With characters of small volume and light weight, it is easy to be taken from one workshop to another workshop. Portable fiber laser marking machine ET-FL20P is equipped with 20w fiber laser and 110x110mm marking scope. To meet your marking request, more variety on configuration is available also.

Working video URL of portable fiber laser marking machine ET-FL20P:

portable nameplate marking machine 


Portable cnc marking machine is good for marking or engraving on nameplate, gift, electronic component, integrated circuits (IC), mobile phone keypad, mobile cover, electrical appliances, steel knife, jewelry, glasses, auto parts, carton, bags, and more.

marking samples made by fiber laser marker

Main Configuration of ET-FL20P

20w fiber laser (more option: 10w and 30w)

110x110mm marking size (more option: 70x70mm and 200x200mm)

EZCAD software

JCZ controller

Laptop included

Optional Configuration

This portable fiber laser marking machine can be built in handheld style, please click to learn more: handheld marking machine


1) Portable fiber laser marker is small volume and light weight.

2) Marker is durable and permanent.

3) Use-cost is very low.

4) Marking speed is very fast.

5) Laser source is free maintenance and its service time is over 100,000 hours.

6) Power-consumption is low.

7) Output beam quality is very good.  


Technical Parameter

Model | ET-FL20P

Laser Source Power | 20W

Laser Wave Length | 1064nm

Marking Scope | 110x110mm

Marking Line Width | 0.01 -0.1mm

Marking Depth | 0.01 – 5mm (different according on actual material)

Marking Speed | Max.7000mm/s

Working Power | 220V, 50Hz, 500W

Cooling Mode | Air cooling

File Supported | PLT, BMP, DXF, JPG, TIF, AI


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